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Gay Porn Star Arrested After Allegedly Trespassing on Set

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Tuesday October 22, 2013

A gay porn star signed to Lucas Entertainment was arrested for trespassing after allegedly bursting on to the porn company's set in Hell's Kitchen last month, according to the New York Post.

The Post reports that Richard Caswell, who uses the porn stage name Vito Gallo, was not charged with assault despite footage that allegedly shows the actor attacking porn mogul Michael Lucas, owner of Lucas Entertainment, by pushing him and hitting him in the neck and shoulder.

"He just stormed into our offices and started beating people up," Lucas told the newspaper. "Several people locked themselves into the editing suite. You had to see his eyes the veins bulging on his forehead. It was scary."

Caswell, 28, was arrested at the Lucas Entertainment headquarters on Sept. 12, was charged with trespassing and was put in jail for the night. The porn star said the incident was a "nightmare" especially because he was wearing a hot-pink T-shirt at the time of his arrest, which resulted in "a lot of looks" while he was in jail.

The Post reports Caswell, who makes about $1,500 per film, has an exclusive three-year contract with Lucas Entertainment, but was upset with Lucas because he didn't think he was getting enough work. But Lucas tells a different story:

"We were using him all the time," Lucas said. "He's very popular, he's very good looking and he's one of my top four performers. We'd love him to return if he goes through very serious anger management and see a shrink."

Caswell rejected a no jail plea deal on Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court. If he had taken the plea, he would have been charged with disorderly conduct if he attended anger management classes.

On Sept. 15, a few days after he was arrested, Caswell took to his Facebook page and posted a touching status about meeting a man with a prosthetic leg at the gym. Part of his status reads:

"...My behavior & anger issues got the best of me recently & wasn't happy with myself. That young strong guy most definitely motivated me to see that, I've become something that was very fake & not real & not who I was. Idk, maybe I'm a weirdo but I do hope to meet up with Chris I believe his name was, who was that strong badass guy I meet at the gym yesterday."

The Post reports the porn actor was honorably discharged from the Navy in November 2010, after he came out to a navy chaplain under the now defunct Don't Ask Don't Tell measure, which prohibited LGBT military members from serving openly. DADT was repealed in 2011.

According to Al's Gay Porn Stars, Caswell grew up in New Jersey, close to New York City, is six-feet tall, "loves spending time at the gym" and won Best Porn Star Escort at the 2012 International Escort Awards, also known as the Hookies.