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NM Woman Allegedly Beat and Sexually Assaulted Teen Daughter for Being Gay


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday July 17, 2014

A New Mexico woman has been arrested for allegedly physically and sexually abusing her 17-year-old daughter for being gay. Local officials have enhanced the charges because they say the incident qualifies as a hate crime. KVIA 7 reports.

According to the Dona Ana County sheriff's office, the incident began when Magdo Haro became upset upon learning her teenage daughter was gay. Haro allegedly attacked the girl with a shoe and threatened to use a plunger on the teen to make her feel what it's like to have sex.

Investigators report that the girl said that her mother gave her three chances to prove that she wasn't a lesbian. Haro was angered by seeing her daughter in a baseball cap and demanded the attend church with her grandmother and refrain from wearing boys clothing.

This was before Haro found notes from the girl's girlfriend.

According to investigators, the girl also said she was forced to undress in front of her mother "show her she was a woman, and not a man." Her mother also allegedly demanded she perform sex acts on herself.

The teen told investigators that she carried out her mother's demands out of fear that the woman would sexually assault her.

"When we charge someone with an enhanced penalty because of that hate crime we're sending a message that their criminal behavior isn't going to be tolerated in this community," Kelly Jameson, a spokesperson with the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Department, said.

According to KFOXTV, Haro denied sexually abusing the child, but admitted to the assault with a shoe.

Investigators also said that a family member who witnessed some of the incident says that he saw his mother undressing his sister and then overheard the two arguing.

KVIA 7 reports that Haro was arrested Tuesday, on charges of criminal sexual penetration and child abuse. She was released on $25,000 bail.