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British Art Dealer, Partner Murdered in Malta; Suspects in Custody

Thursday August 27, 2020

British art dealer and murder victim Ivor Maciejowski
British art dealer and murder victim Ivor Maciejowski  (Source:Ivor Maciejowski / Instagram)

Suspects are in custody in the murder of a British art dealer living in Malta with his same-sex partner, reports The Times of Malta.

Friends and family members spoke out about how the men were two "kind" and "gentle" people, and described them as having been a loving couple, media reports noted.

UK newspaper The Sun reported that the couple - Ivor Maciejowski, who was British, and Christian Pandolfino, who was Maltese - were gunned down in an attack that is thought to have lasted a mere four minutes. But in that brief span of time three men entered their home, shot Maciejowski four times, and killed Pandolfino with a single bullet.

Authorities suspect the motive was robbery. The men's home reportedly housed a large collection of valuable art.

Details were sketchy, but the men were reportedly together for as long as four years. It was also reported that Pandolfino was thought to have changed his career and also become an art dealer. Some accounts said that Pandolfino had been a doctor, while others said he had been an investment banker.

The men shared a home in Sliema, a resort town on Malta.

News sources related how police relied on security camera footage to attempt to identify the three men who invaded the couple's home. A fourth suspect waited in a car and served as getaway driver. Security camera footage showed the license plate of the car, which was later found to contain items that had been stolen from the men's home.

Two suspects have been arrested so far, while a third man who had been detained has been released and is not currently thought to have been part of the crime.

The Times of Malta reported that 25-year-old Daniel Muka, one of the suspects in custody, has admitted to participating in the deadly home invasion, but he denied having planned or led the attack. The report said that it's believed Muka has kept quiet about who the others were.

Meantime, a second suspect was taken into custody by police. The identity of that individual was not published.

Muka had been free on bail after being arrested and charged in two earlier crimes: A bank robbery and firing a weapon at two police officers.

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