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Two Florida Hustlers on the Run for Allegedly Ripping Off Clients

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Wednesday December 14, 2011

Police are currently looking for two male hustlers who have robbed a number of residents from Wilton Manors, Fl. -- a city with a population of about 11,600 in Broward County, NBC Miami reports in a Oct. 6 article.

Authorities accuse the two men, Jose Rivera, 25, and Dwight Benson, 27, of being hustlers who are "preying on the residents" of Wilton Manors by "conning their way into short relationships under fake names." The suburb has become the major gay enclave of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

The pair gains the trust of the men they are seeking out in order to get access to the victim's personal items.

"Some of my neighbors have been victimized by them," said Daniel Lyton, who told the news station that his neighbor across the hall had been involved with Rivera and Benson.

"The first thing that comes across is 'Can I use your bathroom?' The second thing that comes across is a sexual advance."

Police say that the pair have been arrested several times for stealing everything from wallets to cars.

"My friend said that he stole his wallet and also his jewelry," Lyton said. "So I was very upset when that happened, and that was two weeks ago."

In a police crime report by Wilton Manors' East Neighborhood Association, authorities warned residents about individuals who were attempting break-ins by hanging pizza restaurant filers on car doors.

Last month, a young man who posed as a hustler was convicted of murdering a radio show host and earlier this week the 19-year-old was convicted of the crime and sentenced to 25 years-to-life in prison, EDGE reported in a Dec. 14 article.

John Katehis was found guilty for stabbing George Weber, 47, more than 50 times. Katehis answered Weber's Craigslist ad and agreed to be paid $60 for a night of violent sex. The incident got out of control and Katehis ended up killing Weber and binding his ankles with duct tape.