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Teen Convicted of Killing Radio Host in Internet Hook-Up

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Wednesday November 16, 2011

A Brooklyn jury found a teen guilty of second-degree murder for the stabbing of a WABC Radio newsman whom he met through Craigslist yesterday the New York Post reports.

As previously reported by EDGE, John Katehis, who was just 16 at the time, met radio host George Weber, 47, in March 2009 through a Craigslist post. The teen, who claims he is straight, agreed to be paid $60 for a night of violent sex at Weber's New York City apartment. The night ended in Weber being stabbed to death more than 50 times. In addition, officials found Weber's body bound at the ankles with duct tape.

In Weber's Craigslist ad he stated that he was looking for someone to suffocate him during sex, but Kathis panicked when a knife was pulled, Jeffrey Schwartz, the teen's lawyer argued.

In a signed confession, the teen recalled stabbing Weber once in the neck after Weber pulled out the knife.

After the guilty verdict was read in court yesterday, a handcuffed Kathis turned to his father, shrugged his shoulders and shot him a large smile, the Post noted. Last year, the teen showed a similar lack of emotion when his first trial ended in a hung jury. He sat motionless with a smirk on his face while the forewoman read the verdict.

"This is the demeanor of a cold-blooded killer,'' prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi had told jurors in her summation Monday.

The teen has previously shown strange behavior when he posted photos of himself online holding large knives and swords. He described himself as "always looking for a big thrill," adding "I'm a big risk taker and like to live life on the edge," on his MySpace, EDGE reported.

"I am an Extremist, an Anarchist, and a Sadomasochist", he also wrote. "As long as you show respect for me i will show respect for you, if you disrespect me, then i will fucking break your neck."

Weber was a freelancer for ABC radio and was living a double life, according to Schwartz. Schwartz also claims that Weber preyed on Katehis who was underage and desperately looking to earn money. He says that the teen was defending himself after the situation got out of control, reported NY 1, a citywide local cable news channel.

"It seems that Mr. Weber had this whole secret life that no one knew about," Schwartz said in a WCBS TV article. "He lured John Katehis into his home. He plied him with alcohol and illegal drugs."

Katehis claimed that Weber's death was inadvertent, allegedly saying, "I didn't mean to kill George. It was an accident. He pulled a knife on me, so I stabbed him. He gave me something to drink and some coke. He asked me to do things I wasn't comfortable with."

Katehis, now 18, faces a 25-year to life prison for the crime. He will be sentenced on Dec. 7.

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