Male Model Charged With Offering Police Sexual Bribe

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday February 5, 2010

A male model allegedly offered police officers sexual favors in exchange for not arresting him; the cops, however, were not interested. Nor were they amused: after repeating his offer to an officer back at the jailhouse, 21-year-old Nick Snider found himself slammed with extra charges to go along with a public drunkenness and disorderly conduct rap, according to a Feb. 4 article at The Smoking Gun.

Snider's arrest took place in the wee hours of Feb. 1 in Batesville, Arkansas, which is located just less than 100 miles from Little Rock. Snider was placed under arrest at the home of a female acquaintance, Deanna Castro, for causing a disturbance; the story said that when Sheriff's deputies arrived, Snider told them, "I am a very famous model." Undeterred, the deputies placed Snider under arrest. In the car, however, Snide offered to "suck your dick and balls" if Deputy Brian Luetschwager would let him go, according to a statement from Luetschwager.

After allegedly repeating the offer to a booking officer at the station house, Snider was hit with an additional charge of attempting to "influence a public servant." A Feb. 4 New York Daily News article picked up the story, and noted that Snider, who has modeled for Prada, was given the distinction of being ranked by Forbes at number five among the most successful male models globally.

The article also recalled that Snider had recently sported fashion creations in Paris. Snider is slated to appear on the catwalk for Fashion Week in New York, starting Feb. 11--less than a week before he's due in court back in Alabama to face three charges, all misdemeanors.

VNY, Snider's agency, issued a supportive statement, with agency head Lana Winters Tomczak noting, "The staff at VNY Model Management on a number of occasions has offered help to Nick. We are here to support him in his troubled times and will work with both Nick and his family to get him the help he deserves."

Snider, who has plead not guilty to those charges, is currently free on a bail of $780.

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