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CBD from Morning 'til Night: What to Take When

by Kelsy Chauvin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday November 20, 2020

CBD from Morning 'til Night: What to Take When
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Contrary to common notions, all CBD roads do not necessarily lead to downtime. This may be old news to seasoned consumers, while those new to CBD may find it a welcome discovery.

CBD products — from oils and balms to capsules and edibles — are adaptable. They may uplift mood, enhance focus or reduce pain. And yes, some do improve sleep and promote relaxation.

Every Ingredient Matters
While most CBD products incorporate additives, industry leader CBD Unlimited maintains consistent concentrations of 100-percent hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol), which is blended with natural ingredients to enhance its intended use.

"Every single ingredient in our products has a function," says CBD Unlimited founder and CEO Todd Davis.

Davis unpacks a few basics about the oils, topicals, and capsules in CBD Unlimited's collection, explaining that each product contains proportional herbs to support CBD's function. For example, in the CBD Balm, "Even the beeswax has a function. It allows for absorption without blocking pores and other receptor sites on the skin."

For CBD Oils (also called tinctures), a few drops under the tongue is best for immediate absorption, delivering as little as five milligrams of CBD, a good starting strength for a new user. CBD is non-psychoactive: THC-free (broad-spectrum) or with only trace amounts (full-spectrum) of the molecules predominant in marijuana.

On a molecular level, that drop also contains organic cold-pressed hemp-seed and grape-seed oils with naturally occurring Vitamin E and Omega 3, and six fatty acids, known to support healthy cell membranes, among other benefits.

"We've seen oils universally used for reducing anxiety, reducing muscle cramps and muscle pain, and reducing joint pain or improve joint mobility," says Davis.

CBD Unlimited offers oils in natural hemp, peppermint and orange, each with unique benefits.

"When people are looking for a soothing and relaxing experience, they gravitate towards peppermint," says Davis. "And then when they're looking for a reboot or more energy, or just to feel better, they like the orange. So, if you're going on a bike ride or doing something active, [try] orange."

(Source: CBD Unlimited)

Optimized Herbs
For the brand's CBD Capsules, Davis says his medical-research team discovered that common soft-gel capsules couldn't withstand the stomach's enzymes and acids. Instead, CBD Unlimited uses delayed-release vegetable capsules to reach the small intestine for better absorption and dispersal into the bloodstream.

One capsule taken once or twice a day, or as directed by your doctor, delivers results comparable to the oil's three-to-six drops once or twice daily, amounting to about five to ten CBD milligrams per dose. The capsules also contain adaptogenic herbs that boost the body's natural stress responses.

"The additional herbs we use either help with their performance or play really nicely with our CBD. For example, turmeric is always in our capsules when we're using an isolate (of pure CBD), so the two bind, integrate and work together much better," says Davis. Other natural ingredients, such as ashwagandha and Rhodiola rosea, offer herbal stress-relief, which may help alleviate fatigue and anxiety, and improve mental focus and muscle strength.

Meanwhile, the brand's Night Capsules incorporate sleep-supporting ingredients such as valerian root, lemon balm, and L-theanine.

Form and Function
Davis suggests that regular oral intake of oils, capsules, and edibles can address chronic conditions.

"We've found that over time when you use oil or capsules daily, there's an overall better experience for total body function," Davis says. "Because you're addressing the endocannabinoid system from two areas: Both the CB1 receptor platform in the brain, and secondarily, the enteric nervous system. So [CBD is] getting into the organs through the bloodstream, and those have a lot more CB2 receptor sites. Practicing dual therapy is our best recommendation."

Just as each CBD product is built to suit a function, so is its form.

"If you're physically active, try topicals," Davis says. "If you're moving and don't want to have a balm residue touching your clothing, the spray is the best product. It can help people perform optimally at golf, running, hiking, and things that have a lot of repetitive motion in them."

"The balm is good afterward when you're relaxed, and you need that longer-term after effect," he says. "The spray's beneficial effect lasts for two to four hours, and the balm lasts for four to eight hours."

Reliability is everything in the booming CBD industry. Davis proudly calls CBD Unlimited "a science and compliance company" that's clinically tested and formulated its goods to achieve an reliable therapeutic value.

"Every product that we build is for performance," he says. "We don't add an ingredient just to say it's in there, then sprinkle in a little CBD in and say, 'Good luck.' We put it in there only if the function adds something to our CBD product. It's specifically formulated to achieve those values. The quality of our products stands out above all the other products we see on shelves today."

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