Can GAINSWave ED Treatment Change Your Life? Men Say 'Yes'

by Joseph Pedro

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday August 21, 2019

Can GAINSWave ED Treatment Change Your Life? Men Say 'Yes'

Approximately 30 million men in the U.S. say that erectile dysfunction impacts their wellbeing. With enough flaccid men to fill up a country the size of Peru, you can bet that ED is big business. Men have been looking for treatments for centuries. In Ancient Rome and Greece concoctions were created from snakes, roosters, and even starfish (it didn't end well according to reports) and today pill-popping remedies are found not just at the pharmacy, but at gas stations and online. Quick fixes may treat the symptoms, but never the cause... until now.

GAINSWave technology is a major breakthrough. Dr. Gary Guarnaccia and his team at Manhattan Medical Associates are the leading providers of this kind of treatment in New York City and offer an in-depth understanding of its capabilities.

GAINSWave is different than oral medications. Studies have shown a 75 percent success rate (higher than Viagra or Cialis), and it's non-invasive. With no side effects and long-lasting results, the acoustic wave technology has proven to be a life-changing option for many men.

"Low-intensity extracorporeal wave therapy is a revolutionary treatment of ED," wrote a team of doctors in the peer review, Therapeutic Advances in Urology, "and probably possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue." In plain speak, this means that the FDA-approved medical device can enhance blood flow, which means a stronger erection.

GAINSWave is currently the only treatment that can improve the physiology of the penis, resulting in long-term performance enhancement. Beyond oral medications, the only other option is self-administered injections before a sexual encounter. There are a host of potential side effects, from scar tissue to priapism (a painful condition where the blood will not leave the penis and may need to be drained in the hospital). Dr. Guarnaccia considers GAINSWave "vastly superior" and less expensive in the long run.

GAINSWave's staying power goes far beyond the bedroom. Treatment results may last more than a decade. The better your health, the longer the treatment lasts. So consider using GAINSWave as a kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. "Men who take good care of themselves can expect a very long lifespan for the treatment," says Dr. Guarnaccia. "We would recommend some follow-up treatments to maintain the benefits (and even improve on them), but it is not required."


EDGE spoke to Glenn, a 58-year-old man who found GAINSWave to be one of the best erectile dysfunction treatment options.

When did you realize you wanted to do something about your ED?
I noticed a decrease in my sex drive in March 2017, which led to constant disputes with my partner.

Did you try other treatments in the past? Did they work?
I used Viagra, but it just wasn't reliable.

What was your experience like at Manhattan Medical Associates?
I visited Manhattan Medical Associates in January 2019. Beforehand, I had spoken with Dr. Avi Felix over the phone. He was such an inspiration. The flexible financing also surprised me. Ultimately, the positive welcome from the staff was such a burst of hope that I began treatment at the end of that month.

How did the staff at Manhattan Medical Associates assuage your fears?
Dr. Felix made me feel secure with the FDA-approved medical technology. He also explained that one of the causes of my ED was the lack of blood flow blocked by plaque due to my high blood pressure. He expressed that, over time, this blood flow could be restored.
What exactly is "Extracorporeal shock wave therapy"?
The device uses low-intensity acoustic waves. The best part is that there are no needles or implants, and especially, no downtime.

When did you notice results?
The doctor used numbing cream during the first ten sessions due to my sensitivity, and it wasn't needed after that. For me, results started to take effect within two months.

What would you say to someone with ED who is considering GAINSWave treatment?
Erectile dysfunction is a serious issue that many men are afraid to talk about. But I'm a living testimony as to the true value and balance this treatment has brought to my life. Dr. Felix has followed up with me during treatment, and also helped me to manage my expectations. The procedure is well worth it, especially to avoid surgery or injections. GAINSWave treatment has changed my life.

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