An Expert Reveals Why ED Treatment Succeeds with GAINSWave Technology

Friday June 21, 2019

An Expert Reveals Why ED Treatment Succeeds with GAINSWave Technology
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Erectile dysfunction has become a hot topic in men's health, and with good reason. ED affects approximately 30 million men in the U.S. alone and has become a big business in the pharmaceutical industry. But treating the cause instead of just treating the symptoms has eluded many — until now.

GAINSWave technology is a major breakthrough. Dr. Gary Guarnaccia and his team at Manhattan Medical Associates are the leading providers of this kind of treatment in New York City and offer an in-depth understanding of its capabilities.

Foremost, it's essential to understand how GAINSWave is different than oral medications. Studies have shown a 75 percent success rate (higher than Viagra or Cialis), and it's non-invasive. With no side effects and long-lasting results, the acoustic wave technology has proven to be a life-changing option for many men.

GAINSWave is the first of its kind FDA-cleared treatment. "Low-intensity extracorporeal wave therapy is a revolutionary treatment of ED," wrote a team of doctors in the peer review, Therapeutic Advances in Urology, "and probably possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue."

What impacts the size as well as the strength of an erection — and how does GAINSWave help? The strength of an erection is related to how much blood is in the penis. GAINSWave stimulates the body to create new blood vessels and repair old ones to increase the amount of blood in the penis.


A scientific paper from the International Journal of Urology states that, "the mean penile circumferential change was also increased from 13.1 to 20.2 millimeters after low-intensity wave therapy." You might think that means that you can change the size of your penis. Not quite. But the treatment can maximize the size you're born with by increasing the supply of blood in the penis. And that can result in meaningful size gains. So yes, GAINSWave will make you harder and bigger because it will result in more blood being held in the penis.

Understandably, men would be concerned about potential side effects, but the great news is that, though this sound wave technology is new in its application for ED, there is a long history of success for kidney stones, soft tissue injuries, and other treatments.

Many men are turning to GAINSWave to enhance performance. Depending on their age and overall health, that can mean anywhere from two to eight treatments. In this range, Dr. Guarnaccia says that, "men will get better sensitivity, stronger erections, some increase in girth, and a significant lowering of the refractory period (the time between orgasm and the next erection)."

GAINSWave is currently the only treatment that can improve the physiology of the penis, resulting in long-term performance enhancement. Beyond oral medications, the only other option is injections, self-administered before a sexual encounter. There are a host of potential side effects, from scar tissue to priapism (a painful condition where the blood will not leave the penis and may need to be drained in the hospital). Dr. Guarnaccia considers GAINSWave "vastly superior" and much cheaper in the long run.

GAINSWave's staying power goes far beyond the bedroom. Treatment will last from two to three years — and up to fifteen depending on a few conditions. The better your health, the longer the treatment lasts. So consider using GAINSWave as a more holistic kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. "Men who take good care of themselves can expect a very long lifespan for the treatment," says Dr. Guarnaccia. "We would recommend some follow-up treatments to maintain the benefits (and even improve on them), but it is not required."

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