What's Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction And How to Treat It

Wednesday May 1, 2019

What's Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction And How to Treat It
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Let's cut to the chase. We can agree that the majority of us want to have fulfilled, exciting sex lives. After years of living in the shadows, gay men are finally embracing their sexual identities.

With the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots upon us, we fully recognize that there is no shame in consensual same-sex intimacy. But actions speak louder than words. Unfortunately, for some of us, it's become a challenge to rise to the occasion.

Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 30 million men in the U.S. alone. And that number isn't confined to seniors. According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, 40 percent of men are affected by age 40.

"Psychologic, neurologic, endocrine, vascular, and local anatomic systems" all contribute to producing an erection, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Those medical terms can be overwhelming, along with ED's contributing factors. Here's the low-down, because you can't explore the solution without fully understanding the problem:

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Physical Causes
It's all about flow, and we're not talking Vinyasa yoga. When you produce an erection, it means that there is increased blood flow to your penis. Several physical factors may inhibit this, including heart disease, high cholesterol and/or blood pressure, Peyronie's disease (development of scar tissue inside the penis), obesity, and diabetes, among others.

There might also be outside factors that affect your body's circulation, such as certain prescription medications, tobacco use, alcoholism and other substances.

Psychological Causes
No less serious, how we feel and process emotion can also have a major impact. Perhaps you've been feeling depressed, anxious or stressed. Other diagnosed mental health conditions (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia) may affect the ability to gain an erection. Additionally, relationships often have ups and down — communication issues and unmanageable expectations can add fuel to the fire (or in this case, put it out).

It's important to recognize that any of these causes is valid and doesn't determine your self-worth. Once you can identify the underlying causes, you're one step closer to a solution.

ED typically doesn't occur overnight. The above factors that may contribute to ED. Additionally, you might feel added pressure from an unsatisfied sex life or embarrassment. There's no need to beat yourself up. ED does not define you, but effectively treating it is a great example of how self-care can empower.

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A Solution That Treats More Than Just the Symptoms
The market has been saturated with oral medications that treat ED, and whether or not you've found them to be effective, none of them treat the root cause.

GAINSWave Acoustic Wave Therapy offers an FDA-cleared, non-invasive, drug-free, needle-free, pain-free cutting-edge treatment for ED. High-frequency sound waves, administered by a rod moved gently over the penis shaft and base, promote the formation of new blood vessels. That means better circulation and stronger, longer-lasting erections.

The treatment cycle aims to reverse vascular deterioration. Better yet, it stimulates a healing process that "wakes up" dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis. In as little as six sessions patients have experienced stronger, sustainable erections, enhanced sensitivity, and improved performance.

"I am 46 years old, I didn't think anyone could help me, but the GAINSWave protocol works," says Ben M., a recent patient at Manhattan Medical Associates. "Visiting your Clinic was the best choice I've ever made. Instead of disappointment like some meds, this delivers results beyond my hopes."

For more information and other video testimonials, please visit www.manhattanmedicalassociates.com.

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