Erectile Dysfunction? 7 Considerations for GAINSWave Treatment

Thursday March 14, 2019

Erectile Dysfunction? 7 Considerations for GAINSWave Treatment
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The numbers don't lie. According to the Mayo Clinic, an estimated 15 to 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction. And while the increasing popularity of oral medications has put a spotlight on ED, they only address the symptoms and not the causes of ED. That's where GAINSWave acoustic wave therapy is different.

This groundbreaking technology, available at Manhattan Medical Associates in New York City, has become a game-changer for many men experiencing ED. Is it right for you? Here's the lowdown on what you need to know:

GAINSWave Technology
You're probably wondering what all the fuss is about. This Swiss-made medical device was only recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration but has been effectively used throughout Europe for years. Acoustic waves have long been used for other treatments related to kidneys, pain therapy, ischemic heart disease, and more, so this recent iteration has an established history of success.

This precision instrument is capable of focusing waves to a resolution of under one millimeter, which is necessary for treating erectile tissue. The waves promote neovascularization (growth of new blood cells) and essentially wake up stem cells and growth factors in the erectile tissues. The result? Stronger, more natural and longer-lasting erections.

Is GAINSWave right for me?
There are a number of factors relating to erectile dysfunction, and the expert team at Manhattan Medical Associates can provide a thorough evaluation, but if you suffer from vascular erectile dysfunction, you're likely to benefit from the GAINSWave acoustic therapy.

The treatment is especially beneficial for men who experience adverse side effects from ED drugs or have not responded to such medications. Common side effects associated with oral medications include headaches, body aches and pains, digestive problems, dizziness, and more. GAINSWave forgoes many of these unwanted symptoms while still enhancing sexual performance. GAINSWave therapy has also proved effective in breaking down the scar tissue and reducing the curvature of the penis typical of Peyronie's Disease.

GAINSWave treatment is a simple, outpatient procedure, lasting only about 15 minutes.
An applicator applies sound waves to the penis shaft and base in small circular motions. Typically pain-free, sensitive patients can opt for a numbing cream for further comfort. The best part? Many patients report improvement after the first couple of sessions! Of course, each patient is different, and your doctor should custom-tailor a protocol with the optimal number of sessions.

Safety First
Because GAINSWave acoustic therapy is non-invasive and uses no drugs, needles or surgery, it's often considered the safest treatment for ED. The recent FDA approval is a benchmark in a decade of use throughout Europe, and the fact that it's also used to treat cardiac disease further exemplifies the treatment's successful implementation.

Is there an optimal age for treatment?
GAINSWave acoustic therapy can be used for any age group. Manhattan Medical Associates has successfully treated men from their 30s all the way into their 90s. According to a study by the University of Chicago, one-third of men aged 50 to 64 experience ED, and that percentage increases over time. Manhattan Medical Associates can help improve performance and recovery time regardless of age.

Does it work?
Acoustic Wave Therapy was officially accepted by the European Association of Urology as the gold standard for treatment of erectile dysfunction in the EAU 2013 guidelines on male sexual dysfunction. The technology is now approved by the FDA and is considered a revolutionary treatment of ED backed by an enormous volume of clinical research.

A study appearing in the American Urological Association's Journal of Urology stated that "low-intensity wave treatment is effective even in patients with severe erectile dysfunction who are PDE5i (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) non-responders."

No recovery period or timed medication necessary.
Patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately after treatment. There is no recuperation and no disruption to any daily routine. And unlike oral medication, GAINSWave acoustic therapy address the problem, not just the symptoms, so there's no worrying about having a pill at the ready.

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GAINSWave Treatment for ED

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