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How Women-Run TribeTokes Is Keeping Cannabis Clean

by Kelsy Chauvin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday March 29, 2022

The "green wave" of U.S. cannabis scene feels more like a tsunami. In 2021, the industry as a whole was worth $61 billion, up 67 percent from 2020, and brands are rolling out ever-more products in every cannabis category.

On the consumer side, cannabis fans are curious to try nationally legal hemp-derived goods like CBD and Delta-8 THC. But it's hard to know where to turn in this saturated market for pure, clean, reliable products. , the New York—based company founded by Degelis Tufts and Kym Byrnesto make healthy, plant-based CBD and D8 products.

The duo joined forces a few years ago at a gathering of Women Grow, the organization elevating female leadership in the cannabis industry. They bonded over their joint vision to "grow a tribe" of cannabis customers, advocates, and enthusiasts. But the true connection was Tufts and Byrnes obsession with plant-based purity, and the transparency to prove it.

"TribeTokes creates products for the next-generation cannabis consumer," says Tufts. "One of our brand's core values is freedom to truly be yourself and to choose what you do with or put inside your own body." She adds that TribeTokes fans "respect plant science, consume mindfully, and expect top quality products from trusted brands."

The brand also offers something unusual — and welcome — in the weed game: female leadership. "We are 100 percent women-owned, operated and funded," says Tufts. "Corporate cannabis is turning into a bit of a bro culture, so we're different in that way."

TribeTokes is a hit with the queer community, too. "We've had a lot of fun partnering with the LGBTQ community here in New York City on collaborations, industry events, and parties. There is a strong bond in NYC between the cannabis and LGBTQ communities," says Tufts. "We're proud to have our brand represented at LGBTQ-owned CBD stores and dispensaries throughout the country."

As the name suggests, TribeTokes makes a line of innovative vape products made with safe hardware materials and lab-tested, refined hemp extractions. (Explore them at TribeTokes)

Pure hemp distillate is the base of all TribeTokes edibles and topicals, which include naturally sweetened CBD and D8 gummies, therapeutic creams, and a line of signature skincare products. The team's devotion to transparency and empowerment delivers ultra-healthful products that help users feel and look better. Here are a few TribeREVIVE wellness and TRIBEAUTY skincare premium best-sellers.

TRIBEAUTY CBD Eye Rescue Cream

Nature has magical ways of soothing our bodies, and TribeTokes has sought out the best plant-based ingredients to make its CBD Eye Rescue Cream most effective. It begins with 100 mg of hemp-derived CBD, which helps with inflammation, redness, and puffiness around the eyes. The cream adds other incredible ingredients like aloe vera, cocoa butter, avocado, and arnica for benefits that help hydrate and brighten skin, improve elasticity, and reduce swelling and irritation. It's sold in a half-ounce size, or in even more compact travel-size mini-jars.

TribeREVIVE Delta 8 THC Gummy Bears

Unlike CBD gummies, which offer certain wellness benefits but is non-psychoactive, Delta 8 THC may help with relaxation and pain relief, while lending mild psychoactive effect. The wellness line that is TribeREVIVE puts those benefits to use in its fruit-flavored D8 gummy bears. They're made with a proprietary formulation that's flavored and colored with organic cane sugar and all-natural juice extracts such as carrot juice, black currant, turmeric and cherry — and never any potentially carcinogenic food colorings or high fructose corn syrup. Each bear has 25 mg of Delta 8 THC, so it's recommended that D8 newcomers start with one-quarter or half a bear to gauge the sensations before going full-bear.

Delta 8 THC Pain Relief Cream

Wellness comes in many forms, and sometimes it's simply about soothing achy joints and muscles. Hemp's naturally occurring cannabinoids, like CBD and Delta 8, show promise at relieving pain and inflammation. So TribeREVIVE's Delta 8 THC Pain Relief Cream is a hit with consumers transitioning away from oral painkillers in favor of this safe, powerful topical balm. Along with 1,000 mg of D8 in each two-ounce jar, the cream is made with a trifecta of cooling analgesics (methol, peppermint, and wintergreen) and nature's strongest anti-inflammatories (cannabinoids, arnica, marjoram, jojoba, and aloe). Fans love the non-greasy feel, and some chronic-pain patients have even called it "life-changing" for conditions like arthritis, nerve pain, muscle tension, and carpal-tunnel syndrome.

TRIBEAUTY CBD Skincare Bundles

There's no better way to soothe your skin, test-drive TRIBEAUTY's CBD skincare line, and save some bucks than with a Beauty Bundle. Combos come as Anti-Aging, Brightening, Hydration, and Travel bundles, plus dynamic-duo CBD masks and collagen-boosting serum sets. And like every TribeTokes product, all are is "#PoweredByPlants" and part of the clean-skincare promise, so you'll never find harmful parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, or other potential endocrine disruptors or carcinogens. A week or two trying this tribe's skincare treats may have you rethinking your old regimen with a cannabis twist.

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Kelsy Chauvin is a writer, photographer and marketing consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. She specializes in travel, feature journalism, art, theater, architecture, construction and LGBTQ interests. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @kelsycc.