Health & Fitness Lover Gift Guide

by Jay Jones and Brad Hart

Rage Monthly

Saturday December 9, 2017


Fitness has never been so fun... Okay, maybe we're listening. Blue Goji is an interactive fitness gamification company, bringing motivation and entertainment to mundane workout sessions by turning cardio equipment into your very own gaming system. Each Goji Play includes two portable controllers and two foam batons. All you do is attach the controllers to your cardio device, clip on the activity sensor, and you're ready to play a variety of games, all while tracking your fitness metrics. There are dozens of free games to choose from (available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play) including racing, arcade, action, puzzles and trivia. So instead of mindless distraction, the Goji Play will engage your mental focus and physical motion into the gameplay, "making 30 minutes of cardio feel like 5!"



Here's another way to liven up your workouts, this time for the CrossFitter in your life. WoDDice (workout of the day dice) was created to bring an unpredictable - but fundamentally sound - new dynamic to your training program. Because, according to their website, "the best way to test your actual GPP (General Physical Preparedness) is to see how your body responds to unexpected, changing variables in your workout." WoDDice consists of six, 12-sided die featuring over two million possible workout combinations, for endless new challenges. It comes in different versions, including WoDDice KIDS, WoDDice Mere Mortal, and the advanced set, WoDDice Firebreather, with slightly more challenging time/task demands and movements.



For many who participate in personal fitness, a running belt has become a must-need accessory. A place to store your phone, keys, watch, wallet and whatnots. No need to dig up that fanny pack from the '90s, however. Comfortable and stylish, the Hipster Running Belt is a much more modern and "hip" option. It comes in multiple colors and sizes and has no annoying

buckles or straps. Multiple pockets your essential items snug and secure, in this super-soft step-through belt that can be worn at the gym, on the run and

around town.

Starting at $12.50


For those planning to make healthier choices in the new year, but aren't sure what products work best, Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers health, nutrition and weight loss product samples to your door, for you to try and buy. Each box contains a wide array of premium vitamin and supplement nutrition samples including lifestyle products for weight loss, sports nutrition, diet, energy, detoxing, digestion, sexual health, as well as vitamins, proteins, herbs and natural remedies for endurance, and more. Share your thoughts about each product by completing surveys each month. When you do find something you really like, learn more about the product, on their site, as well as the best online retailers to buy it and at the best prices.

$8 to $10 per month.

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