WET: A DACAmented Journey

by Clinton Campbell

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Alex Alpharaoh
Alex Alpharaoh  

Many of us are in outrage overload. The current political landscape seems irrevocably broken at times. People as being used as pawns for political gain, while real lives are hanging in the balance. All the more reason for everyone to see ArtEmerson's most powerful work so far this season: "WET: A DACAmented Journey."

Written and performed by LA actor and spoken word artist, Alex Alpharaoh, it is his true story of what it means to be an American without papers. It is a riveting and entirely engrossing 90 minutes that you will not soon forget.

Mr. Alpharaoh was brought to the US as an infant and has never known anywhere else to call home. Yet, while the rest of his family have papers, his life is spent in a constant stage of limbo as "45" continues to play politics with both the DREAMers as well as the immigrant population of this country as a whole.

As Mr. Alpharaoh travels the country to perform and explain not only the realities of his life but also the intricacies and contradictions of US immigration policy, he is also doing so at his own risk. This adds an immediacy and a melancholy to the work that haunts you long after the lights come up.

With all the media spin going on about immigration from both sides, it's imperative for us to step back and add a human face to this struggle. There is no one better to provide that context than Mr. Alpharaoh.

"WET: A DACAmented Journey" continues through November 25 at the Emerson Paramount Center Jackie Liebergott Black Box, 559 Washington Street, Boston, MA. For more information, visit the ArtsEmerson website.