Watch: David Pevsner Fights Ageism & Sexual Shame by Streaming Solo Show 'Musical Comedy Whore'

Sunday October 18, 2020

Meet David Pevsner, a self-identified "Musical Comedy Whore." He has even written a solo show with that title that is streaming on various platforms.

Pevsner leads a double-life. The 61 year old has been a character actor and stage performer for decades, appearing on such mainstream television fare ("Modern Family," "Desperate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy," indie queer films ("The Fluffer" and "Spa Night") and theater (Joe DiPietro's "Fucking Men," "Fiddler on the Roof" on Broadway, and the off-Broadway revue "When Pigs Fly"). He also has written songs for the off-Broadway hit "Naked Boys Singing."

He is also an erotic model, a second career that started in 1990 when he met photographer Tom Bianchi on a Fire Island beach. Bianchi approached him to do a photo shoot, which he did despite some initial trepidation, he did a shoot and his photo was included in one of Bianchi's books. Eight years later, he had moved to LA and began to explore erotic photography. "I try to ride the fine line between art and porn, but one man's art is another man's porn. Just showing your cock to people sometimes is porn. I can't be responsible for that kind of thinking," he told the NSFW website The Sword.

Then at the age of 55, Pevsner decided to take his erotic photography career to the next level when he started a Tumblr feed called "Shameless." At first he was a bit reluctant, fearful of how it might impact his acting career, as well as overcoming his own issues about his body and his age.

"Finally, I thought it was too important to be the authentic me and make a statement about body shame and ageism and the negative attitudes toward nudity and sexuality," he explained in an interview in Passport Magazine. "I started to post the photos on a Tumblr blog where I could really curate the posts and add humor and ironic context to the eroticism. I did all kinds of photo shoots from arty to erotic to explicit, from portraits to storytelling, and I had a pretty big audience and a lot of support. However Tumblr, damn them, purged adult content last year, claiming they wanted "a more positive Tumblr," which means that the erotic stuff is, well...negative. Nope. Fuck 'em."

When Tumblr banned porn in December, 2018, Pevsher turned to other social media outlets: Twitter, OnlyFans, and New Tumbl, as well as censored versions on Instagram.

"The anti-body shame and anti-ageism themes seem to really resonate with my audience, he told Passport. "I get messages from guys and ladies all over the world that tell me they have been inspired to be a little more "shameless" themselves, to feel better about their bodies, to celebrate what their bodies can do. I think because I'm someone that's older, has a career in mainstream media, and is not a typical model that they see me as maybe more bold and somewhat accessible and relatable. America is so fucked up about nudity and sex and I want to keep the conversation going as to why. It's become my mission."

His former career as an escort, which he chronicles in "Musical Comedy Whore," came when he "answered an ad in the back of H/X magazine for maturity escorts. I like sex and I am good at it. And I think if you do something well, you should get paid for that," he says in a trailer for the stream of the show.

"'Musical Comedy Whore!' is about his development sexually and as a musical comedy guy in New York City...until it all came together when he was performing in high profile off-Broadway shows and moonlighting as a male escort to make ends meet," the Sword writes in describing the show.

"I was, literally, a musical comedy whore, and it was a pretty kooky double life. This isn't some cute little vanity show—it gets pretty raw, emotional and brutally honest, but it's also funny, moving, entertaining and mostly, relatable. Ultimately, it's about owning your choices and learning to love yourself. Very universal stuff."

Watch the trailer:

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