'Bachelor in Paradise' Sees Franchise's First Same-Sex Couple Engaged

by Sam Cronin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday September 19, 2019

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty have made "Bachelor" franchise history for the second time, becoming the first same-sex couple on any of the hugely-viewed shows to get engaged. The two were also the first same-sex couple ever featured in the franchise.

The 23-year-old Burnett was a contestant on "Bachelor in Paradise," and despite not ending up with another contestant, she did leave the season engaged.

"I came here to find myself, but I found myself in you," Burnett told Haggerty before the proposal, according to USA Today. "I love you so much and I'm so in love with you and I didn't even think it was possible to feel this way about someone."

The summer spinoff of "The Bachelor" ended its sixth season with this engagement, which Burnett told the Hollywood Reporterwas not seen as groundbreaking in the moment.

"I know it's a big deal that it was the first same-sex [engagement] on this franchise in the U.S., but we weren't thinking of the significance of that at the time," Burnett said. "It was just about us loving each other and that's really what the focus was."

Tuesday's three-hour season finale featured a pre-taped portion featuring a cast reunion and an update from the couple, who are still engaged.

Burnett spoke to People after the engagement about finding true love, learning about herself, and the beginnings of her relationship with Kristian.

"We hung out before and we were just friends," Burnett said of her relationship with Haggerty. "Then one night we were hanging and everyone else had gone to sleep and we got in the hot tub and explored that!"

She concluded with a heartwarming statement: "I've learned that it's okay to be myself and embrace that and own it. I want to be honest and open. Love is love!"

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