'Will & Grace' Fans Melt Down over Billie Lourd Guest Appearance

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday February 7, 2020

"Will and Grace" fans were in full meltdown mode after Billie Lourd appeared on the venerable gay sitcom, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Lourd, the real-life granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, portrayed the granddaughter Reynolds played on the show during its original run on NBC from 1998 - 2006. The show returned to NBC in 2017, where it immediately resumed its status as a hit. The current season will be the show's last, and is its eleventh overall.

Reynolds, - who dies in 2017 before the show's return to the air - has a recurring role as Grace's mother, Bobbi Adler. In her Feb. 6 guest spot, Billie Lourd - the daughter of Carrie Fisher and Reynolds' actual granddaughter - played Grace's niece, and Bobbi's granddaughter.

Fans on social media were in a puddle of emotion, as was star Eric McCormack, who plays Will. Tweeted McCormack:

"We miss you, Debbie."

Accompanying the tweet was a photo of McCormack with co-star Debra Messing (who plays Grace), and - nestled between them, and holding a photo that showed Reynolds - Lourd.

Other tweets evinced similar sentimental responses.

EW took note of the fact that Lourd portrayed a younger version of her mother's iconic "Star Wars" character, Leia Organa, in a flashback scene in "The Rise of Skywalker."

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