The Walking Dead: The Complete Eighth Season

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday August 21, 2018

It's all out war! For Rick Grimes and his band of survivors, it's more than just the undead they'll have to face in "The Walking Dead" The Complete Eighth Season, available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. Andrew Lincoln may be signing off next season from the hit AMC Original Series that turned him into a household name, but who could blame him after facing off in an epic showdown against the series' most dastardly adversaries while evading the ravenous appetite of the zombie hordes that just keep coming. The Eighth Season proved the group's most perilous, accompanied by the greatest consequences.

Rick Grimes (Lincoln) brings the war to the Saviors! Determined to take down Negan played by a scene-stealing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, with the combined might of the Hilltop and Kingdom communities, Rick has a chance at taking down their adversary, but in order to win -- it's all out war! In the eight seasons of the hit AMC Original Series, it's never been this brutal and it certainly hasn't ever been this perilous. In order to survive, alliances with the devil must be brokered and even the most honorable among them will have to make some very hard decisions. "The Walking Dead" has never been for the faint of heart, but this season is relentlessly explosive.

With plenty of high stakes thrills, season eight is perhaps the most tense faced by our cast of characters and lived up to the many fans' expectations. This season the focus was on delivering the biggest explosions, most hair-raising stunts and most fearsome deeds. The series is often most relevant for its deep character development. This season the show-runners really wanted the audience to feel the peril our heroes were in, but they also delivered on a promise to arrive at one of the most satisfying climaxes yet -- though tragically it was time to bid farewell to Carl Grimes. Series veteran Chandler Riggs moved on from the show, giving fans its most emotional send-off yet.

Though some may only perceive of "The Walking Dead" as a violent, horror and gore fest, it's much more than just built around the shock-and-awe of the spectacle of a zombie apocalypse. Our heroes are tested as the ultimate survivalist and every week their greatest battle is to protect their humanity in a world that's lost and infected with the ruination of the undead. Every week Rick and his band get tested, moving the pendulum closer or further to civilization. At the end of "The Walking Dead" The Complete Eighth Season, it's clear that nothing will be the same ever again and the price of all out war may have been too high indeed.

The 5-disc set features all Eighth Season episodes delivered in stunning hi-def in Dolby TrueHD sound, and come loaded with Special Features including a special look at "Carl Grimes: Leaving a Legacy." Riggs' character was only a young boy when the series had begun and emerged one of the series' most complex heroes. He'll undoubtedly have an impact on how the narrative plays out as many look forward to the new season premiere in October. Also included as bonus attractions are "In Memoriam" looks at those others now gone and an examination of the series arc with "The Price of War" featurette.

"The Walking Dead" The Complete Eighth Season
available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD

Special Features include "Carl Grimes: Leaving a Legacy" featurette, "In Memoriam", "The Price of War" featurette and Audio Commentaries.

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