Falling Skies - The Complete Fourth Season

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 23, 2015

Falling Skies - The Complete Fourth Season

Mankind continues to struggle, caught in the middle of an alien confrontation with the planet Earth as the campaign battleground. In "Falling Skies -- The Complete Fourth Season" now available on Blu-ray with Digital HD download the final act is in play, and hard decisions must be made if survival is to be guaranteed. In the penultimate season, all the action and drama of this sci-fi adventure from executive producer Steven Spielberg is ramped up!

The stakes have never been higher, and after the heroes of the 2nd Mass are dealt are fatal blow, Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) must make a crucial decision when a new enemy weapon is unleashed on the resistance forces, and a hunt commences for the mysterious terrorist agent known only as "The Ghost." Alliances are tested and new pacts must be forged if the Earth is to be reclaimed by the pockets of humanity that are struggling under the invading forces of the Esphnei.

The hybrid Lexi continues to evolve and is proving a turning point for the resistance fighters, but will she also divide a family who must think about the greater good, and will the Volm (who have their own agenda) hold up their end of the bargain to repel their mutual enemies the Esphnei? The ensuing battle is the most intense battle ever in "Falling Skies" series run! It's not a surprise "Falling Skies" continues to land on many of primetime's Top 10 lists of "Best Original Drama Series."

The Blu-ray boxed set includes all twelve Season Four episodes in full high-definition presentation on two disc with a digital download option to add the series to your own digital library and watch "Falling Skies" on the run from your favorite mobile device. Fans of the show can also enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a hero with the bonus featurette "Tom Mason: A Man of Tomorrow" which explores the show's lead protagonist.

Additional bonus content includes a set of "specially designed" Episodic Prequels that reveal how far the characters have come and where they've been just prior to the launch of Season 4. "Inside the Episodes" takes the viewer on an unprecedented look at the making of "Falling Skies" the series, along with "Character Interviews" featuring the cast. One major gem is the fully taped "2014 San Diego Comic-Con Panel" that unless you were there, you wouldn't experience without these discs!

"Falling Skies - The Complete Fourth Season"
Blu-ray Disc with Digital HD download


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