Always hot Luciana conquers America (one Pride at a time)

by BeBe Sweetbriar

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday August 19, 2011

With her hit with Dave Aude "I'm Still Hot" climbing the charts, Luciana is always hot. There's never been a cool down with this talented, sexy Brit. She is a performer the gay community has come to depend on to keep us on the dance floor at most circuit parties and dance clubs around the country either by deejay or video osmosis, or in person on a performance stage.

It has been non-stop for this British transplant after hit "I Like That" knocked Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone" off the top spot on the Australian Dance Chart in July 2010 (going 2X platinum). Having conquered Down Under, it was time to conquer the U.S. And having moved here, she's poised to conquer America as well.

In fact, trying to catch up with Luciana is no easy task since she is forever on the road touring, but finally we were able to get a chat in prior to her San Jose Pride performance stop, even though we had seen each other on several tour stops in Northern California this year. And what a blast of a chat we had.

Loves the U.S.

BeBe: So you're back from London, huh?

Luciana: I'm back from London, and ready to do this interview with my lovely BeBe.

BeBe: You are so sweet. It's been what, a year and a half, two years since we met, and it is just so wonderful to see so many great things happening for you.

Luciana: It's crazy isn't it.

BeBe: Since you've moved to the States, it has been non-stop. I don't know how you breathe.

Luciana: You know you breathe here more than you do in London. I've just come back from London and it was really quite stressful. Just to come back here and have the sun, it's more conducive to being creative. So, I love it here.

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Watch Luciana's video of "I'm Still Hot":

A gay man trapped in a womans body?

BeBe: Your single "I Like That" put you on the map here in the States. I don't think there is a night that I go out to the clubs that I don't here some remix of that song even a year after its release.

Luciana: I know! Isn't it crazy. The new track is "I'm Still Hot" (written and produced by Dave Aude) and we got a remixer by the name of R3hab (a rising Dutch deejay and producer) to mix the track and it is so amazingly fabulous. Everyone's starting to play that, so, you'll soon me hearing the new mix of "I'm Still Hot" in the clubs by R3hab. I can't wait for that to happen. Yeah, but "I Like That" is like the song that never ends. It keeps going on and on for like a year and a half.

BeBe: And with all that has come a grueling tour schedule for you. You have been everywhere. This year starting with the Dinah it has been non-stop. From there it was the White Party in Palm Springs. You've done every Pride imaginable... come on now, El Paso! Come on, honey.

Luciana: El Paso was absolutely amazing. And I have done every Pride and I love it. I can't wait until next year. I love it so much I want to eat it! (wholeheartedly laughs)

BeBe: What is it with this love affair you have with the gay community?

Luciana: Well, I think I am a gay man trapped in a woman's body.

BeBe: Oh, do you?

Luciana: Yeah, I reckon I do. And I will be just fabulous. Who was it that says that to me...oh, Chi Chi LaRue.

BeBe: Oh yeah. We were there at Sacramento Pride with you. Chi Chi adores you. And for Chi Chi to adore anybody, girl..........!

Luciana: I know (laughs). I remember walking down the steps from this club, and she (Chi Chi) was coming up and she saw me and she went, "Oh my god, you fucking bitch!" (we both roar). I just love it. I love it.

Who is Isha Coco?

BeBe: You have been so on the move, when do you have time to create?

Luciana: Well you know we are creating right now. We're in the studio (with creative partner Nick Clow), and we are working on a track to demo. I don't what's going to happen with this. You never do. All you do is write the track, and do the best you can do, and hope that something comes of it. There's loads of people we're writing with. We're writing a track with Benny Benassi (Madonna, Britney Spears, Estelle, Goldfrapp, Flo Rida, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj), and we don't know whether that is going to happen. We're just watchin' (to see) if the track comes out. There are so many things that may stop it from happening. But the actual writing itself is the most organic and beautiful moment of actually singing and writing. After that, you've got no control over.

BeBe: I was speaking with Dave Aude, and he told me your alter ego, Isha CoCo, has something come out in the next month or so.

Luciana: (snickering) Well, Isha CoCo.. .look at me speaking about her like she is another person... We did this track called "Figure It Out", "(she sings it for me) gotta figure it out". I thik you've heard it. It was big. I think it was number one on the dance charts.

BeBe: Yes, it was.

Luciana: We had to call it Isha CoCo because I sing in it, and with "I Like That" I'm sort of shouting. In England there is a saying "I should coco". Which means "I should think so". It's a London saying. So I thought wouldn't be funny to call myself Isha CoCo.

BeBe: Well, I didn't even know it was you.

Luciana: Yeah, it's me. Don't tell anyone (laughs).

BeBe: Well, Dave has it out of the bag, honey. It's on his website. I was reading it and said, "that's Luci! Oh my God!"

Luciana: Isn't it weird because I'm singing. We had to do some press shots too, and I've got this big Chi Chi LaRue hair. But there is a second song coming out and it's called "Something For The Weekend" (on Dave Aude's Audacious3 DJ Mix CD) for Isha CoCo. It's great. It's up, clubby, dancy, soulful. It's great. I love it.

A Cazwell collaboration?

BeBe: Now when I spoke to Cazwell a few months ago, he was a little hush hush about a collaboration you have worked on together that I had gotten wind of.

Luciana: Oh, what did he say?

BeBe: He just said, How do you know about that?"

Luciana: (laughing) and you said I've got my sources.

BeBe: I got my peoples out there. I am the Barbara Walters of gay news, honey. (After we both get off the floor) I know he (Cazwell) is working on his new album, so, is that a potential track on it? I know he has a lot of collaborations on this set he is about to put out.

Luciana: We are very excited about it. Obviously he is in the process of working on his album, so we are waiting to hear how it all transpires. But it's exciting.

BeBe: I've followed Cazwell since the wee beginnings. I remember him, like Lady Gaga, and you coming out here in San Francisco playing the little clubs and whatnot. But then your talent always shines bigger than the humble beginnings and you have to move on to bigger and better things.

Luciana: But you know what, that's why it is so fabulous in San Francisco. I feel like the clubs in San Francisco are a bit like London in the sense that they are a bit avant garde, forward thinking in the music scene. A lot of the interesting stuff on the West Coast comes out of San Francisco and then L.A. I've always felt San Francisco has something about it. It has sort of an edge. We always come back to San Francisco. That's where it is at.

BeBe: We are not afraid to embrace the unconventional. That's what I think it is.

Luciana: That's what it is exactly. I think that sentence rings true times 100. That's what San Francisco is like for me, because it's all about quirks, isn't it? You've got it in spades. It's fabulous!

BeBe: I agree with that. And I think that's why so many performers like to come here and work it out. They're not afraid that their peg doesn't fit in this hole. They can come here and be whatever they are and people will embrace them. If you can make my foot tap, and my head bop, then we all right.

Luciana: You've just given me an idea for a song. I will be stealing what you just said (laughs). Seriously, I'm going to go write it down in a minute... "If you make my foot tap, and my head bop, we're all right, honey!" I'm going to go put it in my lyric book and then see what happens.

BeBe: Then when it becomes a big hit you can put in the liner notes, inspired by a quote by BeBe Sweetbriar.

Luciana: Yes, written by Luciana Caporaso/BeBe Sweetbriar

Hail to Queen Luci!

BeBe: With the summer winding down and fall on its way in, what's next on your slate? When is the full-length album going to materialize for you?

Luciana: It's really funny because I don't want to put an album out. I get really bored with albums, i.e., 12 songs. I'm thinking like putting 6 songs out, an EP. And then once that happens, put out another 6 songs. That's the plan anyway.

BeBe: That does seem to be the trend that many artists are doing these days. Putting out a nice EP with 6 strong songs that can carry for a bit. You are speaking the drum beat that many artists are feeling these days. It's probably because our attention span as an audience tend to wander a little.

Luciana: You just summed it up. And I think I want the EP to reflect that.

BeBe: You've got this wonderful style about you when you're on stage. I love the way you present yourself on stage.

Luciana: Really? I try not to think about it too much. Because if I thought about it, I think it would be contrived. I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm sort of falling all over a lot, I know that. And then I pick myself up. Someone said " you're pissed or (drunk)" on stage. Is she drunk? No, she's not drunk. Because I'm sort of stumbling all over. I just try not to think about it.

BeBe: It's just all spontaneous.

Luciana: Well, yeah. I did some tracks before and I had two dancers. And for starters when it's choreographed, for me to concentrate and go... .and one and two and three... in my head as I'm singing is really hard. And it gets boring for me, so I stopped doing it.

BeBe: So where are you off to next now that you are back in the States?

Luciana: Well, the next show is San Jose Pride on Sunday, August 21. Then we have a tour of Australia in October. And then we go to China which I'm so excited about. I've never been to China. And then we might be going to Japan. I'm going back to Las Vegas as well.

BeBe: They can party over there in those Asian countries. Don't let that Red China Communism fool ya. They can party. I've been over there a couple of times, and they have a good time, honey.

If you they don't, Luciana, you bring the party. That's what it is all about in your music, the party is all over Luciana's music no matter if it's Isha CoCo or Luciana on the label. America has seen another wave of the British invasion with Adele, Jessie J. Frankmuzik, Ellie Goulding, and Luciana Caporaso. Hail to my Queen Luci!

Luciana will perform at San Jose Pride on the main stage on Sunday, August 21. For more information and performance time go to

Other upcoming dates in the United States are August 25, Surrender, Las Vegas, NV; August 26, Honey Pot, Tampa FL; September 4, Showbox Sodo, Seattle, WA.

For more information about Luciana, visit her website. And follow Luciana on Facebook and Twitter at and

Watch Luciana's video of "I Like That":

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