Fast & Furious

by Joe Siegel

Saturday August 1, 2009

Fast & Furious

Fast and Furious is the 4th entry in the popular street-racing franchise and it's a fast-paced good time. Vin Diesel flexes and broods returning to the franchise as Dom, a somewhat psychotic (though oddly likable)criminal, who along with his girlfriend Letty (a briefly glimpsed, scowling Michelle Rodriguez) is still performing heists and trying to outrun the law.

Paul Walker also returns as FBI agent Brian O'Connor, along with Jordanna Brewster as Dom's sister Mia. This is the sequel people wanted to the first movie all along. It wisely tries to ignore the sequels, except for an odd bit that does nothing but remind the audience how pathetic and derivative the third movie, Tokyo Drift was in the first place. Drift was nothing but a shameless ripoff of the popular anime/live action movie Initial D.

Fast and Furious is a standard revenge tale, but the stunts are cool, the women are hot, and the acting is above average for this kind of B-movie trash. Universal has given the movie a stellar transfer onto DVD and the blaring music and car crashes sound excellent on the home theatre.

There are also some copious extras on the 2 DVD set. There's a short making of featurette and a terrific featurette on the big opening action sequence. There are 2 short featurettes on the cars used in the film and those are very nifty. The one on import cars is especially fun for car enthusiasts.

There's also a intriguing short film written and directed by Vin Diesel which sadly, turns out to be adequate at best, and a commentary by director Justin Lin.

Fast and Furious revives the franchise after the lame Tokyo Drift almost put the brakes on the movies forever. It's well-paced, action-packed, and a lot of fun.

This is the perfect DVD for a lazy, hazy summer day. The 2 DVD is tricked out with fun extras and comes highly recommended to hardcore fans and newbies alike.