Black Panther

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Black Panther

The blockbuster movie "Black Panther" hits the streets today in a Blu-ray edition that comes fully loaded with extras.

Following his introduction in "Captain America: Civil War," Wakandan prince T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) - now set to become the leader of his people - assumes not only his responsibilities as the head of state for the African nation Wakanda, but also the mantle of the country's super-powerful guardian, known as Black Panther. To the world at large, Wakanda seems like a minor nation of no importance, impoverished and without much might. The true Wakanda, however, has been hidden away for centuries: It's a prosperous, technologically advanced place. The secret? A rare element called vibranium that only exists here.

But discord roils Wakanda. Not everyone was pleased with the choices T'Challa's father made as king. When a new, and autocratic, challenger appears with a radically different and more aggressive vision for Wakanda's place on the world stage, the Black Panther is forced to face off with his own countrymen in order to save his nation's soul.

With its one-two punch of uplift for marginalized peoples and social relevance, "Black Panther" is easily a standout in the genre of superhero movies. That alone makes this Blu-ray a worthy addition to your collection. The extras are pretty standard, delving into the film's making, the cast, the comic books origins of the character in the 1960s (a daring move by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, given the racial discord of the times). The extras are worth a look, but it's the movie - its characters and story as much as its visual effects work - that will hold your gaze.

"Black Panther"




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Black Panther

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