Need for Speed

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday August 16, 2014

It's clear who the stars of the action film "Need For Speed" are. The real headliners are the cars -- sports cars piloted by the mostly B-list cast lead by breakout star Aaron Paul, who made this flick while slumming after the wrap-up of the hit television show "Breaking Bad" ended its run. He plays a race car mechanic -- one of the best -- who's down on his luck. He's got bills to pay. His girl left him for the excitement of the big city, and the passing of his dad has him working to live up to the "old man's" ideal.

There's every cliche in the book: The brooding lead man. The ingenue he has his heart set on wooing. The swooning sidekick, and the evil making-it-rain-with-money industrialist. There's even the sexy, slinky model-type that plays dumb and catches the perfect light -- but she's really the most ambitious smarty of the bunch. When a freak racing accident lands our hero Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) in jail, he loses everything. His garage. His best friend. Everything.

The only thing he has is a Mustang and the hope of entering and winning a race across America in the hopes of rebuilding his reputation and reclaiming his self-respect. Super-charged muscle cars, bright neon glows, plenty of burning rubber and the thrilling roar of engines make for two hours that are much better spent playing the video game that this movie is based on.

At the core, "Need For Speed" is made to appeal to its core audience... the grown up man-child who, to make up for all of his inadequacies, has to sit behind the stick of a fast car to prove something. And that's OK -- if the moviegoer has an appetite for the fast and furious, then the very need for speed this film is titled after is just what they are looking for.

The Blu-ray is packed with extra bonus features that reveal the machinations behind all the hyper-realized car chases and stunts. There's also a highly detailed look at the making of the film's most intense speed trick. The film's director and Paul also provide some very in depth audio commentary, and actor Michael Keaton revels in some seriously cool outtakes. All that and it also comes with a bonus digital download...Awesome!

"Need For Speed"
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