Taken 2

by Christian Cintron

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday January 29, 2013

Taken 2

"Taken 2," at first glance, might be confused for a cheap rehashing of the original "Taken." Instead, it manages to be a unique film...but only delivers half the action and excitement of the original. The combo pack of the film has a lackluster "alternate ending" and some unexpected bonus features.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo comes complete with a downloadable version of the film and the original theatrical version and unrated extended cut. That's a whole lot of versions. The "alternate ending" also ends up being the entire latter 1/3 of the film. In a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style twist, it explores how the film would end if one major event happened. It's an interesting take on the script but ultimately ends up with most of the same footage with a few alternate takes. Also, you're not likely to enjoy watching the last 20-30 minutes over again.

"Taken" was a movie that sticks with you and "Taken 2" is a movie you kind of remember fondly.

The combo set also includes deleted scenes. "Sam's Tools of the Trade" is a featurette that includes a breakdown of all of the tools Sam (Liam Neeson) keeps in his gear. "Black Ops Field Manual" is a pop-up video style to the unrated version that turns out to be a bit distracting. "FX Movie Channel presents: In Character with Liam Neeson" is the press interview you'd have seen on FX that doesn't add much to the experience of watching.

Ultimately, "Taken 2" is par. It's an entertaining movie with the same characters as the original and only a slightly derivative plot. "Taken" was a movie that sticks with you and "Taken 2" is a movie you kind of remember fondly.

"Taken 2"
Blu-Ray DVD Combo

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