by Jesse Betlyon

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday January 26, 2012

Get ready to laugh out loud at cancer for the first time ever with the DVD release of "50/50!"

Based on screenwriter Will Reiser's actual experiences with cancer, "50/50" is a heartwarming, personal look into the world of dealing with cancer.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Adam, a hip 27-year-old living in Seattle who finds out he has a spinal Tumor. His chances of survival are 50/50, hence the title of the film. His best friend, Seth Rogen, a somewhat loveable idiot with an insatiable libido, helps Adam to act normal through his traumatic fight with cancer.

A hilarious cast only gets better when you see how much fun they had making the film. Actor/producer Seth Rogen used to write with screenwriter Will Reiser on the "Ali G Show" which is where they became friends and when Reiser went through his bout with cancer. The special features on this DVD are great. They take you through deleted scenes, multiple interviews with the writer and producers, and show how cathartic the art of filmmaking can be after a life-changing event such as cancer.

Most people today know someone who has had cancer, died of cancer, or gone through chemotherapy, it's pretty commonplace unfortunately. So, if you haven't already done so, go out and grab a copy of "50/50," laugh a little, maybe even cry a little. Either way, chances are you will enjoy yourself.



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