Watch: OnlyFans Star Aston King's Favorite Standing Yoga Poses

Thursday February 25, 2021
Originally published on February 23, 2021

You'll find Aston King on Only Fans, Instagram, YouTube, and just about anywhere else the straight Aussie can drum up interest from fans who want to go "down under" with the hunky exhibitionist.

How does King stay in shape? Besides all the effort it takes to try on (and show off) jock straps, King also practices yoga, and isn't shy about sharing his routine with fans.

OnlyFans has proven to be a much-needed income stream for everyone from porn stars and Hollywood actors to amateurs looking to capitalize on their assets.

In Nigeria, queer performers are finding an outlet in an otherwise hostile environment toward the LGBTQ community.

Actor Tyler Posey may soon step out of the OnlyFans spotlight, describing the app as "mentally draining" and "bizarre" in a recent interview.

Even ABC News and Hulu have gotten in on the action, releasing a new documentary, "Only Fans: Selling Sexy." But one question remains, is the cost too high for content creators who become obsessed with the adoration?