London Cops Warned Not to Strip Tease at 'Drag Race' Star-Emceed Event

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Saturday August 6, 2022
Originally published on August 4, 2022

London Cops Warned Not to Strip Tease at 'Drag Race' Star-Emceed Event
  (Source:Getty Images)

Everyone loves a man or woman in uniform. But for London cops at gay club Heaven's weekly strip tease contest, those uniforms might be staying on.

The officers have been warned that they will face "disciplinary action" if they participate in the contest that "Drag Race" stars host at the club, even if they were to do so on their own time.

UK newspaper The Independent reported that the directive regarding the club's "Porn Idol" event, which takes place each Thursday evening, came down from the upper ranks of the Metropolitan Police thanks to "concerns about 'upholding standards' and potential 'awkward' encounters'" that could ensue once any participating officers were back on the job.

The Daily Mail detailed that a spokesperson for the police said, "An Inspector from the West End Proactive Partnership Team has sent an email to staff within the Met's Central West BCU after a matter was reported to the Met's Licensing officers."

It's not known what the "matter" was that was reported and prompted the memo, but the spokesperson added that there was "no suggestion of any unlawful act having taken place."

The official who authored the missive pointed out that officers stripping off to the cheers of the crowd "makes it awkward for the staff at the location to then have to deal with you when you are next on shift attending the venue to carry out official duties."

Winners of the weekly strip contest are awarded £1,000 (about $1,200), reports noted.

A surprise celebrity joined in on the event's fun last winter, the Mail recalled, when Adele served as a "guest judge at the event in February, and was seen dancing on a stripper pole in front of the cheering audience."

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