Alec Nysten — Called 'Probably Sexiest Man on Earth' — Gets OnlyFans Pics Hacked

Tuesday January 19, 2021

OnlyFans has been a boon for some during the Pandemic, including Aussie model Alec Nysten. But the 28-year old is seeing his revenue stream compromised by leaked pics.

OnlyFans has given many a source of income during the COVID crisis. The file-sharing site "is reporting a 75 percent increase in users in March compared to the previous month, with 60,000 new creators and 3.5 million new users subscribing to said creators," reported Mel Magazine earlier this year.

One such OnlyFans user is Aussie model Alec Nysten, who has cultivated thousands of followers on the subscription-based social media platform.

In 2018 DNA Magazine wrote, "Nysten is probably the sexiest men on earth. For his personality and charisma he has managed to keep the attention of the whole gay scene. He is rude but sweet, sexual but naive, dominant and submissive at the same time... Alec is full of many contradictions that make him so hot, that everyone dies for him. Currently, his OnlyFans area is one of the most famous ones!"

Check out his pics in this DNA photo shoot.

He told Australian ABC News."I'm an entertainer on Instagram and I got some offers to make some pornography, some solo pornography, I just took that up and now I upload porn to a website called OnlyFans" (under the account thehoneybadgerx).

"Mr. Nysten, 28, said his subscription-based account had been a good way to earn a steady income while living in regional Western Australia."

"I'm from Bunbury, [it's a] small town, there isn't a lot of opportunities," he said.

His OnlyFans income and that from Nysten Apparel, a clothing line he merchandises online has been the means of support for Nysten, his wife and two children. "But he faces major issues with theft of his images and videos, which users rip off and share on free sites," ABC News reports.

"My content is always uploaded on [porn websites] for free, all different types of Twitter [accounts] upload me for free, several people [are] even pretending to be me and asking people to sign up and use my content that way."

ABC News said that OnlyFans claims that their content has not been breached after rumors of a major hack occurred last February. In June Vice reported that the hack of "hundreds of gigabytes of material" was called the "OnlyFans leak."

"It wasn't a security breach of the OnlyFans platform, which hosts creators' content for subscribers who pay on average $5 a month per subscription. It wasn't a hack or a leak at all, but rather someone simply downloading and dumping stolen content from hundreds of models into a hosting service, and sharing the download link," Vice wrote.

This is precisely the issue facing Nysten, who pays anti-piracy companies, ABC News writes, but doesn't find them completely effective.

"I pay them hundreds of dollars a month to try to find that content and pull it down," he said. "But I don't even know if that does anything, it just seems to do a little bit."