14 'Drag Race' Stars Who Define Trade

by Timothy Rawles

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday February 11, 2023
Originally published on January 26, 2023

14 'Drag Race' Stars Who Define Trade

RuPaul's brand of competition reality television is literally taking over the world. After debuting "RuPaul's Drag Race" in 2009, Mama Ru has taken home multiple Emmys, gone international and launched a number of fierce drag queens' careers. Hundreds of queens have walked through the Werk Room doors — from all over the world and running the gamut of the art form.

One of the most exciting moments of a new season of "Drag Race" is when the queens take off their wigs and remove their makeup, revealing that they not only look great in drag but also easy on the eyes when they're out of it.

Below we have chosen some "trade" contestants across all brands that have thrilled us with their art, and after when all the makeup and clothes come off. Pit Crew beware!

Spice, "Drag Race" Season 15

Spice is a part of a set. His twin, Sugar is also on this list, but we will get to that later. As a part of the Season 15 US cast, Spice has traditionalists wondering if he can make it as a performer on a live stage. Known for his TikTok presence, this 23-year-old energetic imp has perfect skin, an athletic body, and a smile for days. He and his brother put the "twin" in twink.

Sugar, "Drag Race" Season 15

Sugar, twin to Spice, didn't last long on the new season but the duo are history makers as the first-ever biological twins to compete on the show. As you would expect there isn't much difference in their appearance out of drag, but that's okay because viewers get double the pleasure as they gaze upon this matching pair.

Aura Mayari, "Drag Race" Season 15

The list of sexy performers continues for Season 15! If you watch the show, then you know Aura isn't shy about his massive biceps and labeling himself the trade of the season. That being said he is also strong on the runway with looks that often get the judge's attention in a positive way. One of the downfalls of this season's shorter episodes is that we get to spend less time with the queens. Hopefully, the editors will see the value in giving Aura more thirst-inducing camera time.

Divinity, "Drag Race Italia" Season 1

One just needs to browse through Divinity's Instagram to understand why he is on this list. As a contestant on the inaugural season of "Drag Race Italia" he is a queen who looks just as beautiful, but completely different, out of makeup. With cheekbones for days, Divinity could be on the cover of Italian Vogue.

Milk, "Drag Race" Season 6, "All-Stars" Season 3

This ex-ice skater and Marc Jacobs model made her debut way back on Season 6 of "Drag Race" where it was quickly decided that Milk does a body good. In an effort to capitalize on her strapping good looks, Milk, who also appeared on "All Stars" Season 3, started an OnlyFans account where followers can view all of her assets.

Kaos, "Canada's Drag Race" Season 3

Canada's nickname The Great White North may describe its cold weather, but the heat is on "Canada's Drag Race" contestant Kaos. If you are into face tattoos or ear gauging, Kaos is like a living work of art.

Miss Abby OMG, "Drag Race Holland" Season 1

This Holland contestant is actually Brazilian. The lip sync assassin also has a killer body when he is out of drag. Those piercing eyes and kissable lips give a new meaning to the word trademarks.

Mocha Diva, "Drag Race Thailand" Season 2

There's no questioning this diva puts some serious time in at the gym. In fact, he labels himself a "muscle queen." On the runway, this queen serves us a variety of looks from regal Filipino eleganza to cover model realness. It's this versatility that makes our heart pitter-patter whether he's beat for the gods or serving drinks out of drag to thirsty queens at the club without his shirt on.

Sederginne, "Drag Race Holland" Season 1

Named after a Belgium painkiller, this Flemish queen isn't giving us any headaches in, or out, of drag. Trichophiliasts will want to search through Sederginne's social media pages for photos of him not wearing a shirt. But "Drag Race" fans can also scroll through his many looks that show why he's considered such a fan favorite.

Tayce, "RuPaul's Drag Race U.K." Season

Season 2 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" introduced us to Tayce. Although his looks were awe-inspiring on the runway, it was in his confessionals that kept us transfixed. That exuberant confidence. That beaming perfect smile. Tayce may have been chastised for relying too much on her looks, but that is a win for the rest of us.

Jiggly Caliente," "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 4, "All Stars" Season 6

The clue is in her last name. Plus-size queens often get overlooked as "trade" because of a certain stigma. Despite that, many thicc goddesses have graced the Drag Race arena. Jiggly is one of them. As a trans woman of color, she is not only twisting the norms of reality TV but the definition of trade itself.

Miss Fame, "Drag Race" Season 7

Miss Fame is a gorgeous gender-fluid contestant who appeared on Season 7 of Drag Race. Since then, they have had a successful career in modeling and makeup. That makes sense because Miss Fame's expression and beauty go beyond any traditional definition of the word gender, in or out of drag.

Valentina, "Drag Race" Season 9, "All Stars" Season 4

Ironically, Valentina was sent home on Season 9 because she covered up her face during a lip sync for your life challenge. But this versatile performer definitely has the looks. She has appeared in both Vogue and Vogue Mexico. On her season she may not have come away with the crown, but her popularity won her the "Fan Favorite" award.

Pearl, "Drag Race" Season 7

Often appearing in only her birthday suit on social media, the inked-up Pearl was accused of not having a personality by Mama Ru on Season 7. Today, her piercing cyan eyes greet fans on social media where she shows off her love of the outdoors, her doll collection and her exquisite male form.