Tom Daley Shares Tips for a Happy Marriage, Reveals a Lifelong Dream

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday September 12, 2022

Tom Daley, his husband Dustin Lance Black, and their son
Tom Daley, his husband Dustin Lance Black, and their son  (Source:Tom Daley/Instagram)

Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley could give tips about fitness and diving techniques... but, as it turns out, he also has some advice for keeping your relationship happy and close.

Statistics say that about a fifth of marriages fall apart after five years. But Daley and his husband, screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, find their marriage — which they entered into in 2017 — is as close and satisfying as ever.

Daley gave his best advice for how other couples can enjoy that same longevity, UK newspaper the Daily Mail reported.

In comments he made to Cosmopolitan UK, which he covered this month, Daley revealed a crucial part of the couple's daily routine. "When we get to bed, we always ask each other what our best and worst part of the day was," the 28-year-old world champion diver said.

"It's a good opportunity to share something nice," Daley noted, adding that it's also a moment when they can vent about the day's frustrations.

"It doesn't necessarily have to mean I'm pissed off about him, it could be anything," Daley added, saying that the important thing is "just being able to create that conversation."

On the subject of family, Daley went on to talk about his relationship with his four-year-old son, Robbie, and what being a father has taught him.

"When you become a parent, you realize how much your parents did for you and how much they sacrificed," the athlete said.

"Then you realize all the lessons they taught you and how you can then adapt them for your kids," Daley added. "I would love to have the same relationship that I had with my Dad with Robbie."

An avid knitter and an entrepreneur with his own line of knitwear, Daley went on to exult about the restorative power of sitting down with needles and yarn — "That is literally heaven for me," he said about having a friend over to knit, a glass of prosecco at the ready — and to reveal a lifetime ambition:

"One day, I'd love to have my own fashion week show," the Olympian disclosed. "I'd like to be able to walk in and see things in stores, too."

Daley, who has become a dedicated advocate for LGBTQ+ equality and youth, also offered his thoughts about having been in the closet earlier in his life.

The role model said he "'wishes he was never in' after coming out on YouTube in 2013," the Mail relayed.

"There were many different areas that I had to be careful about," Daley recalled of his early career. "But I got to the point of, 'I don't care.' I have to be me and I never want to be seen to be lying or ashamed of who I am."

Daley continues to post regularly on his Instagram. Check out a few of his thirstier posts below.

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