Lea Michelle Jokes About Her Illiterate Conspiracy

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday June 13, 2022

Lea Michelle
Lea Michelle   (Source:Associated Press)

We know that "Glee" star Lea Michele can certainly read music, but can she actually read and write in the English language? Or does she solely communicate through song?

During a recent Broadway and winery showcase in Napa Valley, Michele made light of the rumors that she is illiterate to an audience that included theater hopefuls from a local high school,reported Page Six.

As Michele explained that "you don't have to go to college to be in theater," she reportedly added: "I didn't go to college you guys, and look at me ... There is a rumor online that I cannot read or write," said Michele in a video reportedly viewed by Page Six. She continued, "which may have something to do with the fact I didn't go to college."

As wild and far off as the rumor seems, it may have started in 2018 with Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman, the "two gayest millennials in America," during their podcast "One More Thing."

The pair claimed that Michele might have been too busy on Broadway to learn how to read and pointed to how her Instagram posts are suspiciously mostly captioned with emojis as proof.

Producer Ryan Murphy is supposedly also in on her "secret," according to the two and feeds her lines on his productions.

The real story? A source at the event reportedly told Page Six that Michele, indeed, can read. "Sheet music, too," said the source, which suspiciously sounds like a talent flex only Michele could deliver better.

Read into this rumor what you will, the girl is undoubtedly talented.

Later in the evening, Michele invited the theater students, who are starring in their school's production of "Mama Mia," to come on stage for a rendition of Abba's "I Have A Dream."