Watch: 'Nine Perfect Strangers' Star Luke Evans Thirst-Traps Working Out with Columbian Army

Tuesday September 21, 2021

One of the constants on the ever-shifting narrative of "Nine Perfect Strangers" is that there's much more to Luke Evans's character Lars than meets the eye. On a recent episode, when it was revealed that Tranquillum House guru Masha (Nicole Kidman) is microdosing her guests with hallucinogenics, she also mentioned that Lars is a journalist out to expose her methods. And with a hidden device, he's been able to communicate with the outside world.

Another of the show's constants is to have Evans shirtless in each episode, largely by setting scenes in the retreat's sauna where Lars converses with Zoe Marconi (Grace Van Patten), the young woman whose family has come to Tranquillum to recover from the trauma of the suicide of Zoe's twin brother three years before. Complicating matters is that Zoe is celebrating her 21st birthday during her stay.

With the show heading towards its final episode this week, one big question is will Lars expose Masha's unorthodox treatment protocol to the world?

But as "NPS" airs on Hulu each week, Evans, meanwhile, is in Columbia where he's preparing for his role in the upcoming action drama series†"Echo 3."†

"In the show, which is being made for Apple TV, Evans plays "Bambi," the brother of a brilliant young scientist who is abducted on the Colombia-Venezuela border," Men's Health writes. "According to the official synopsis, his character has a shadowy background in the military, and embarks on a rescue mission along with his equally lethal brother-in-law."

Men's Health continues: "Evans has been in Colombia working on†Echo 3†for more than two months now, and while he hasn't been shy about showing off his muscular physique amid all that heat and humidity via a series of†shirtless selfies on social media, this is the first time he's offered a glimpse at how he is training for his physically demanding new role."

And as he gets more and more in shape, he shares some new IG from his Columbia stay: