Ricky of Finland? Latin Superstar Shows Off Leather Daddy Looks on Instagram

Saturday May 1, 2021
Originally published on April 30, 2021

Ricky Martin in the official video for "Canción Bonita" with Carlos Vives,
Ricky Martin in the official video for "Canción Bonita" with Carlos Vives,   (Source:YouTube)

Ricky of Finland? The out pop music superstar is treating his fans with a pic on Instagram of him as a leather daddy.

The pics, which he posted Thursday, are to promote a photoshoot that's part of the latest issue of the British fashion and lifestyle magazine Schön! (available on Amazon). The stylish, sexy pics are by photographer Isaac Anthony, who also posted the pics on his IG account.

"Always fun with @dvlstylist. This time for @schonmagazine," Martin wrote in the post.

The first post has Martin in full Daddy mode wearing leather pants, jacket, a mesh shirt and chains, making him look every inch a Tom of Finland model. In the second he's in high fashion mode in a full body shot of him in white shirt, black leather pants and boots, accessorized with a sleekly styled harness. In the third the shirt's gone and he's covered with dust with him arms extended over his head in a fierce pose.

A second post features color pics of Martin, first repeating the look of jeans and the tank top, then one of him in a mesh top and both a leather jacket and coat, accessorized with silver chains and a prominent one with a square medallion. The third pic has a shirtless Martin in a full body shot with his arms extended over his head, with blond hair matching his beard and gold dust covering his chest and stomach.

A third post of two pics have Martin in a more pensive mood, first a shirtless close-up with his hand on his face and his eyes closed. The second in an iconic, full leather look in which he's looking at his hands.

The fourth has Martin again in black-and-white, first crotched in quite a spectacular pair of high-waisted jeans with snaps up its legs and a leather tank top. The second has him sitting on a stool with a looking down at metallic breast plate; and the third is a full-body shot of his toned physique in the high-waisted jeans, a zippered, leather top, and various chains, including one that holds what appears to be a very large cock ring.

Martin has had a pretty active IG account the past few months since he turned 49 last December. In January EDGE reported in January. "The singer showed off his facial hair on Instagram Thursday, writing, 'When bored, bleach.' His husband Jwan Yosef seemed to approve, commenting on the pic "Babaaaaa," adding a heart-eyes emoji, People magazine notes."

Schön!'s latest issue, the magazine's 40th, celebrates music and is described on its website this way. "Turn up the volume — the music-inspired Schön! 40 is finally here. Our #AllAboutMusic issue celebrates the people shaking up the music world today. Schön! 40 features classic hit-makers reinventing themselves for a new generation; up-and-coming artists taking the charts by storm; and talents in other fields whose work is enhanced and enlivened by music. Dove Cameron, our cover star, represents the confluence of all these worlds, bridging music, acting and art into her own original creations."

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