Beantown Cubans

by Christian Cintron

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday August 5, 2009

Beantown Cubans

Beantown Cubans is more than just a novel. It's a heartfelt love letter to Cuban culture by way of Boston aka Bean Town.

Johnny Diaz, author of the immensely popular Miami Manhunt and Boston Boys Club, takes us into the lives of new gay men and the cultural experiences that define them.

Diaz introduces us to Carlos a sensitive teacher who misses Miami. He still has a thriving relationship with his dead mother through mildly prophetic dreams. He's struggling through adapting to Boston. His Cuban best friend, Tommy, is dealing with relationship problems and a tumultuous relationship with the Boston club scene.

Beantown Cubansdoes read a little bit like beach reading. Despite its occasional simplicity and the tendency to concentrate on quotidian ties to real life like lunches at Boston Market and drinking Diet Cokes, there really is heart and soul in Beantown Cubans.

Diaz really captures Cuban culture and offers gay readers an "in" to Latino culture. Whether it's Cuban cuisine, dancing, or the strong ties to family, Diaz shares it all with the reader.

If you need something different to read you should definitely check out "Beantown Cubans." Instead of concentrating on Los Angeles, or porn, or lame erotic scenarios, author Johnny Diaz offers readers a novel with heart that explores the Cuban side of the multicultural gay scene and gives you characters that are not only true to life but true of heart.

It's quite a change of pace. It's definitely worth taking a break from typical gay fare that concentrates more on abs and house music and instead explores life, love, and rice and beans.

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