Eat Your Heart Out

by Kitty Drexel

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday January 5, 2012

Many an afternoon has been spent in idle repose by darling lesbians dreaming of being swept off their feet by an action heroine in a summer blockbuster. One would not be remiss if one guessed that notable lady-loving actress, Michelle Rodriguez, might be a common lead in these fantasy films. It should come to no surprise then that the B-actress making a cameo in Dayna Ingram's,
"Eat Your Heart Out" is a dead ringer for Ms. Rodriguez. The book is dedicated to her after all.

Like many heroes in the zombie genre, protagontist Devin just wants to go to work, get through the day and go home to her hot girlfriend without too much hassle. Like any other hero in the zombie genre, Devin realizes quickly that this isn't possible. With the help of stacked actress Renni Ramirez, Devin must save her co-workers, and her cheating girlfriend, Carmelle, from zombies, "pseudo" zombies and a militia of rogue zombie hunters before she can call it a day. Devin, our protagonist and self-antagonist, is the underdog that action movies simultaneously love and hate. She grew up on Nintendo war games, is an excellent shot but freezes mid-combat. We love her for her bravery but want to smack her for letting the team down. It's no wonder that Renni falls deeply in love with her.

Despite sounding like clichéd fanfiction written by a horny devotee, "Eat Your Heart Out" is tender yet ruthlessly gruesome. This sweet zombie novella needs to be made into an A or B movie starring Ms. Rodriguez, right now. It has the charm of an indie flick and the drive of a community theater production of "Zombieland." It is extremely well written for its genre (without having to steal from a certain author whose name rhymes with Kane Bausten) and chock full of sarcastic humor and biting dialogue. But instead of a predictable hetero couple falling in love in the war zone, two lesbians embrace their mortality amid the smell of putrid flesh and find true lust.

"Eat Your Heart Out"
Dayna Ingram