Outlaw Marriages - The Hidden Histories Of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples

by Bill Biss

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday May 15, 2012

Outlaw Marriages - The Hidden Histories Of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples

"Behind every successful man there is a woman..." Now in the case of same-sex relationships, the partner is at times, also notable for adding to the other's success. This scenario is explored through American history as author Rodger Streitmatter presents fifteen remarkable same-sex couples in "Outlaw Marriages." As the title of Streitmatter's book infers, there was a time when lesbian or gay love was just simply criminal in the eyes of society.

The relationships profiled represent some of the very finest men and women gifted with talent in the field of literary greats, musical innovators and fine art along with several who fought to improve health and social reform issues. Notables such as Walt Whitman, Gertrude Stein, Aaron Copland, Tennessee Williams and Greta Garbo, along with ten other important innovators span a time period in Streitmatter's book of over the past 100 years. Now, while the names mentioned here are recognizable to many... do you know the names of their significant other? Learning about them is one of the most fascinating aspects of "Outlaw Marriages." At times in these relationships, the other partner was entirely crucial and important in adding to the other's well-being and greatest work.

One of the earliest "outlaw marriages" is the relationship between Ned Warren and John Marshall spanning a time period from 1884 through 1927. These two men are responsible for adding and collecting incredible works of art for America's art museums. While the most recent relationship profiles the 1961 through 2005 love between Ismail Merchant and James Ivory. Ivory is an esteemed motion picture director for films such as "A Room with a View." "Outlaw Marriages" is a thoroughly interesting look at gay and lesbian love, life and relationships.

"Outlaw Marriages"

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