Building a Healthy Metabolism Through Diet and Exercise


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday December 14, 2015

At the age of 48, a dangerously out-of-shape Florida medical doctor decided to get serious about his own life-long weight problem. Nearly ten years later and looking like a gold medal gymnast, Dr. Francisco Torres (Dr. T) is sharing his secrets to weight loss success in his new book, "Dr. T's Drop the Fat Diet; 12 Steps to a Leaner You Forever."

The inspirational guide for dieters reveals how Dr. T leveraged the science of nutrition and exercise to transform his own body from round to ripped (eight percent body fat) and keep it that way for the past eight years. But it's not only about his figure: Dr. T's lifestyle changes have led to increased energy, clearer thinking, and a balanced, healthy metabolism.

"I remember very vividly the feelings of frustration and inadequacy while growing up," said Dr. T. "Being overweight not only affected my relationships with others, it kept me from participating in my favorite sports. I can still remember the pain of not being able to take my shirt off in public."

Dr. T was in his forties and well into a highly accomplished and respected medical career before he realized that his weight and dietary habits were killing him slowly. In fact, he says it took a trip to the emergency room and the realization that he was already a candidate for cardiac catheterization to jolt him from his complacency. He knew he needed to make a drastic lifestyle change:

"The change I made was to develop a passion for fitness and nutritional excellence," said Dr. T. "That change led me on an incredible ten year fitness journey which transformed my body and my life. With this book, I hope to encourage others to take that same incredible journey."

One of the major messages Dr. T says he wishes to impart to readers is that the book is not about obtaining quick weight loss: it's about obtaining sustainable weight loss and building a functioning, healthy metabolism through proper diet and exercise.

"There is a science to health and wellness," he said. "Everyone can achieve the same incredible fitness results I have obtained if they are willing to have patience and take one step at a time."

Anyone who purchases Dr. T's new book is buying a repertoire of knowledge and experience which has taken Dr. T decades to develop. Outlining his professional regimen for jumpstarting a slow metabolism, the book also explains how to flush away body toxins with nutritional medicine and lays out exactly which foods you should avoid at all costs. Dr. T's plan stresses the importance of protein at all meals and the need for balance.

He gives his readers examples of fat-burning meal plans, describes the role of healthy oils and fats, and outlines tips for breaking the "hi-carb cycle." Readers also receive practical advice on how to calculate meal times and sizes depending on activity level, from couch potatoes to accomplished athletes. Dr. T's book also goes into the importance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and managing rest and stress for optimal fat loss. Perhaps most revelatory are the tricks and tips for maintaining your sexy new body once you reach your initial goal.

"Finding ways to help others has always been my inspiration in life and the reason why I became a physician," said Dr. T. "My personal physical transformation has given me renewed desire to help make this world a bit better by sharing what has helped me to become stronger, healthier, and happier."

For everyone thinking about embarking upon their own physical transformation journey, Dr. T offers his favorite weight loss maxim:

"Any goal in life is attainable when you believe it is yours."

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