Netflix's 'The Circle' has its Own Hunky Virgin with Buff Mitchell Eason

Monday April 26, 2021
Originally published on April 22, 2021

Mitchell Eason
Mitchell Eason  (Source:Instagram)

New to Netflix's addictive reality show "The Circle" is the hunky Mitchell Eason, a self-described virgin who arrived in episode five this week.

If this show can have a lineage, it comes with Mitchell, whose mother Tammy and brother Ed were both contestants on Season 1. But, as he put it, "They ferked up our name here."

"They were embarrassing. I love my mom and my brother to death, but they were missing the people skills. That's the whole premise of the game!" he said on the show.

Mitchell entered the game as himself, "I think me being authentically myself is 100% going to work. It works in all areas of my life already," he said. Whether or not it will work remains to be seen, but Mitchell did impress the other players with his buff good looks and manner.

"Mitchell's flirty personality, honest nature, and overall aura had every contestant, old and new, along with the viewers, liking him from the get-go," reported TheCinemaholic.

Spoiler alert: Thus far the hunky 22-year-old hasn't shown much in terms of gaming skills, having been played by another male contestant who is catfishing as a woman after Mitchell reached out to them because they found them attractive. In the unintentional same-sex flirting that followed, the catfishing Emily (actually Jack) says, "Am I gonna have to flirt?" Then added, "I don't want to flirt because, you know, I prefer females." Emily then played him perfectly, leading Mitchell to believe they're allies.

Mitchell Eason  (Source: Instagram)

On the same episode, Mitchell had an exchange with man-hungry Chloe, a veteran from the Netflix reality dating show "Too Hot to Handle," whose man-hungry manner has been one of the show's biggest comedic moments.

"Chloe Veitch fell fast for Mitchell once she saw his profile pictures. And one of her very first comments was, 'When are we getting married?' In one photo, Mitchell rode a horse and smiled for the camera. His second pose really caught Chloe's attention. In it, Mitchell was caught mid-air jumping into a lake completely naked. And Chloe couldn't stop staring." wrote the website Soap Dirt.

But when Mitchell announced he was a virgin and was waiting for the right woman did the name Colton Underwood come to mind? Underwood became America's top virgin when he told the women on "The Bachelor" in 2018 that he was one and was not going to have sex before marriage because of his Christian values, and it was a stance embraced by ABC which capitalized on it to conservatives. But, it turns out, Underwood was more unsure about his sexuality, which led him to come out on "Good Morning America" last week.

The latest on Mitchell, as reported by the Cinemaholic, has him living in Los Angeles after a stint in Miami. "As a licensed realtor in Pennsylvania and a licensed insurance agent in Florida, Mitchell currently serves as a salesperson for both Prudential Insurance and Mitchell Eason LLC. And as if all this isn't enough, he's been the CEO of 360 Media Marketing since January 2018, where he helps companies grow their brand with his experience and skills," TheCinemaholic wrote.

Despite throwing shade on his mom and brother, he wrote on an IG post on his mom's birthday that "she has a heart of gold and has always been there supporting me and cheering me on in all of my crazy adventures and businesses. I am so grateful to have you in my life and for all of the sacrifices that you made for me and @ed610_ (his brother Ed) means so much more to me than you even know!"

He also recently shared a lengthy IG post with a thirst trap about his emotional struggles and how he found a solution by participating in the 1-5-30 Challenge. Writing that he had been experienced a "weird sense of emptiness and unfulfillment" that left him feeling "detached and disconnected," he began to doubt himself. "I struggled to make even basic decisions and take basic actions. Something as simple as getting out of bed seemed monumental to me."

He concluded that he had "no sense of integrity at all with myself and others. I continued to let myself and others down by not keeping my word." But found new hope with the 30-day challenge. "To improving 1% per day and doing the positive daily habits everyday. I knew these small daily habits would set the foundation for me to achieve my bigger goals! Because how you do 1 thing is how you do everything."

Check out these pics from his Instagram account:

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