The Walking Dead - Season Nine

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday August 15, 2019

Television's boldest drama is all new! With a multi-platform market saturated with action series and genre-favorites, it's a difficult challenge keeping audiences engaged. For AMC's hit Original Series "The Walking Dead" The Complete Ninth Season available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital, a surefire way to trip things up is to make the most serious changes, among them saying good-bye to one of the show's most beloved characters and welcoming their most dangerously mysterious adversary yet!

After the series most far-reaching arc, the culmination of "All Out War" finally came to a conclusion, but not without its share of casualties. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors may have vanquished Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his Saviors, but it's come at a saddening and personal cost to Rick. His son, Carl had lost his life defending innocent lives, and his dying wish: that Rick and Negan find a path to peace — it's the only way that human civilization will have a chance to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Along with Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) at his side, Rick faces new challenges in bringing together the various "nations" in an attempt to re-establish some order, though he is unaware of the looming threat of dissidents among them. To keep everyone safe, Rick makes the ultimate sacrifice (or so it seems) in the final episode of the series featuring Andrew Lincoln. Left to carry on without him, the treaty among the survivors becomes tenuous and Michonne is left to raise Judith and a new son while tending to the charismatic Negan.

Joining the cast this season is Samantha Morton as the leader of The Whisperers, the most cunning and calculating enemy our heroes have ever faced. Hiding among the dead, they strike from the shadows prepared to weed out the weak from the more powerful. This is perhaps the most dramatic leap for "The Walking Dead" which remains television's most-watched series and a fan-favorite. With the Tenth Season returning this fall, the show that revolutionized genre-television is proving it's still the one to beat!

The 5-disc Blu-ray features all 16 episodes of the epic Ninth Season including Deleted Scenes and a "Bonus Scene" from Episode #908. Also featured is an insider's look at the making of each episode with commentary from the series creators and its cast. Among the longer-form featurettes are introductions to this season's adversaries "The Whisperers", a special look at the bigger changes this season and a spotlight on Andrew Lincoln's character in the "Rick Farewell" featurette, as Lincoln takes a final look back at "The Walking Dead" phenomenon.

"The Walking Dead" The Complete Ninth Season
available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital

Special Features include "Making Of..." featurettes, Deleted Scenes, Bonus Scene from Episode #908, and several behind-the-scenes featurettes that take you on set.

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