Fear The Walking Dead - The Complete First Season

by Ken Tasho

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday December 29, 2015

As a companion to the successful horror series "The Walking Dead", "Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete First Season" succeeds in every way. This isn't a rip-off or an homage; rather, this zombie show lives and breathes on its own.

"Fear the Walking Dead" happens at the same time as its parent show, taking place in Los Angeles where the zombie outbreak has just occurred and two dysfunctional families must band together to fight and stick together. The apocalypse brings out the best and worst in these unconventional family units. And the actors playing two of the parents, Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis, have the same great acting ability as the actors in "The Walking Dead."

All six episodes from season one are included on Anchor Bay's 2 disc set Blu-ray:

"So Close, Yet So Far"
"The Dog"
"Not Fade Away"
"The Good Man"

Underwhelming are the special features on the Anchor Bay Blu-ray. All is forgiven, seeing that it's a brief introductory season. The two featurettes basically promote the show:

"A Look at the Series" goes behind-the scenes quickly, while "Inside the Characters of Fear the Walking Dead" has small interview segments with cast and crew. Both features last about eight minutes total.

AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" returns in 2016 with a longer season than this six-episode set.

"Fear the Walking Dead"

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