After Backlash, Gay Couple Photographed with Aaron Schock at Coachella Apologize

Tuesday April 23, 2019

A gay couple who was photographed with Aaron Schock last week recently took to Instagram, apologizing for appearing with the disgraced former Republican Congressman after a Twitter outcry.

A number of queer Twitter users reacted to reports about former Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) partying at Coachella with shirtless hunks, which included gay couple Ross and Rob Masi. Many took issue with photos because Schock, who has not discussed his sexuality in public, has voted against LGBTQ measures in the past, including supporting "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Ross and Rob Masi shared a note on Instagram, apologizing for posing with Schock, saying they're "against" his "values and actions," adding that they were "embarrassingly unaware of: who he was, his political views, and the extent of his negative impact on the LGBTQ community which we are proudly a part of."

Read their note below.

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