Watch: Chris Hemsworth's Butt Steals the Show in New 'Thor' Trailer

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Saturday June 4, 2022
Originally published on May 25, 2022

Watch: Chris Hemsworth's Butt Steals the Show in New 'Thor' Trailer

Chris Hemsworth's butt steals the show when the ripped "God of Thunder" runs afoul of the Greek deity Zeus (and has his clothes "flicked" off) in the just-released trailer for "Thor: Love and Thunder."

The scene arrives late in the comedy-rich clip — precisely two minutes into the 2:15 trailer — and even though Hemsworth's backside is pixelated (presumably that won't be the case when the film opens in cinemas), it's a moment that's well worth waiting for.

The trailer takes the form of a fairy tale, with narrator Korg (writer-director Taika Waititi) recounting how Thor (Hemsworth), having gotten a "dad bod," worked out fiercely to regain his "god bod."

Korg, though gay in the comics, will not be depicted as gay in the new film, according to Waititi. But Valkyrie (out actor Tessa Thompson), who is bisexual in the comics, is now the king of Asgard, and she's looking for a queen to share her throne. Fan speculation is looking at Thor's ex, Jane Foster — played by Natalie Portman — as a possible candidate for the job.

Things get sticky when a villain called Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) sets out to kill all the deities in the cosmos, bringing Thor back into superhero action alongside Jane, who has assumed both Thor's sacred hammer and his divine role as a "Goddess of Thunder."

The two handily team up in matching outfits, with Thor clearly still lovestruck by Jane.

Thor is in disguise when he appears, bound, before Greek god Zeus (Russell Crowe). The King of the Greek gods, Zeus declares that he will remove Thor's heavy robes to reveal who he really is underneath, but his utterance of "Flick!" — delivered with juicy camp — results in Thor being a little too revealed. So stunned are Zeus' courtiers by the sight of the naked god that they faint, while Thor, outraged, shouts, "You flicked too hard, dammit!"

Though Thor is shown in medium shots from the waist up only, a wide shot from behind shows both the court of Zeus and Hemsworth in his full godly glory (although, as noted above, with some strategic pixelation).

Watching from the sidelines, Valkyrie and Jane, evidently having infiltrated Zeus' court to enact a rescue, exchange whispers:

"So we'll help him?" Jane asks.

"Eventually," Valkyrie says, munching snacks from a horn of plenty and clearly enjoying the spectacle.

Audiences will be more than ready for their own popcorn come July 8 and the release of "Thor: Love and Thunder."

Watch the trailer below.

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