Nick Jonas Says He Finds His Sexy Pics a Little Embarrassing

Tuesday May 11, 2021
Originally published on May 10, 2021

Nick Jonas has gone from being a Broadway child actor and Disney boyband member with his brothers to a solo pop music superstar whose every move is captured by the paparazzi. No doubt much of his appeal comes from looks that have him shirtless in videos, fashion magazines and tabloids at any opportunity.

But all that attention isn't something Jonas likes much. Appearing on the cover of GQ Hype's latest issue, the 28-year-old "Spaceman" singer said he doesn't take any of the attention very seriously.

"I think it's flattering, but attraction is such a nuanced thing. I don't take it too seriously. I just learn to laugh about it and think about the fact that my parents are probably reading some of the comments," he said. "It's not something I wear as a badge of honor. I tend to try to not think about it, because it would make me feel a little embarrassed."

What he did take a bit more seriously was being asked about how he felt when people on social media suggested he has "dadbod" after photos of him on the beach went viral a few years ago, which led him to discuss the more personal issue of body image.

He even played with his hot image with a snarky Instagram where he strips.

GQ also asked him how it felt when a few years ago he called for having a "dadbod."

"I think when it's comments attached to things like appearance and body image, that's when it can become quite dangerous, because no one ever knows what someone is going through or how it affects them personally. They're very sensitive topics. But in the same way, you live a public life and therefore parts of your life are going to be talked about and it doesn't necessarily mean it's fair. It's just a part of your reality. I'm always hopeful that people will think about whether they would say it at a dinner party if the person was sitting opposite you and I'd guess that 99.9 per cent of people would say they wouldn't."

And when asked how he felt about songs from his latest album "Spaceman" are making their way onto playlists fans listen to when they have sex, Jonas said, "I am and I think it's flattering. It's important to have a good playlist and I certainly have mine. I wouldn't include my own music on that playlist though." But, he added, "I would be thrilled if someone used my music on theirs for that experience."