Police Shut Down COVID-Unsafe Sex Club Party in NYC

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Wednesday November 25, 2020

Police shut down a sex party with 80 attendees at a New York swingers club in the early hours of Nov. 22 because the event broke COVID-19 policies implemented by the city, reports Global News.

The party took place at Caligula, a swingers' club, news reports said, and attendees "were not wearing masks — or much else — while engaging in various sex acts at less than six feet apart." the Global News article said. New York sheriff's deputies broke up the sexy shindig.

The proprietor faces a $15,000 fine, and the "location did not have a liquor license or special permit to sell or store alcohol, according to the sheriff's office," according to NBC News.

NBC also reported that deputies "allegedly observed 3 couples engaging in sexual intercourse in one small room". A tweet from the NYC Sheriff's office said infractions at the site included "violation of emergency orders, no liquor license, warehousing liquor," and said that "2 organizers, 1 patron" were "charged with multiple misdemeanors."

The event took place in Queens, which was designated a "Yellow Zone" news reports said. That designation prohibits "mass gatherings of more than 25 people," NBC reported.

"The swingers club bust was not the only party broken up by deputies Saturday night," reported New York news channel NBC 4. An event in the Garment District in Manhattan included more than "120 people" who "were found inside the event space, drinking alcohol, smoking hookah and dancing," the news channel said.

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