'Too Hot to Handle' Breakout Star Harry Jowsey Posts Tweet that's Just Too Hot

Wednesday September 30, 2020

On the first season of the Netflix dating show "Too Hot to Handle" (its hook is that participants are challenged into not having sex for four weeks to share a $100,000 prize) break-out hottie Harry Jowsey was amongst the winners. On the show, he became engaged with co-star Francesca Farago, but this past summer, it was announced that they had broken up.

But the 23-year-old Queensland native is turning heads today for showing off his bulge print on Twitter with a pair of provocative pics.

"In the caption, the Australian reality TV star referred to the progress he's been made "getting [his] abs back," but the fans on Twitter couldn't help but notice that the pictures were revealing much more than Harry's abs once they were opened in full size. Wearing nothing but a yellow Von Dutch hat and gray sweatpants, these selfies clearly showed off a defined print down under," writes the website Screen Rant.

Open the pics in this tweet to see Jowsey's surprise.

"'The Too Hot To Handle' fans know that they can always count on Harry Jowsey to be a guy who will be provocative and entertaining," Screen Rant continues. "With that said, even for Harry's standards, the fans were pretty shocked at just how revealing these pictures were. Nonetheless, the fans who commented on the tweet seem to be reacting very positively to what they saw in the pictures, which is great news for Harry and his social media brand."

In a Hollywood Live podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn last Thursday, Jowsey said he hopes his post-"Too Hot Too Handle" career takes him to America, specifically as the next bachelor on ABC's "The Bachelor."

"I would fucking love to be The Bachelor. Hands down," he said.

But not on the Aussie version. "I think American Bachelor is where it's at. I'm just a sucker for accents. I find that Americans and Canadians are just the hottest people," he said.

And he thinks being the center-of-attention on the hit ABC dating show would be the best way to connect with someone he could be serious with.

"In LA it's pretty easy to date 20 girls, but they're not really interested in you," he added.

"On 'The Bachelor' I find there are girls that are genuinely interested in you and genuinely interested in finding something special. Trying something different and going out of a comfort zone to do that," he said.

Check out these pics from Jowsey's Instagram: