Forever My Girl

by Michael Cox

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday April 24, 2018

The idea for "Forever My Girl" came from a picture of a man trying to apologize to a woman. Essentially that's what this movie is - a wish fulfillment. In this idealized snapshot, all men are super hot, sensitive, unbelievably loving and supportive. Love is a destiny women are meant to arrive at; no one needs to worry about money; child rearing is easy, and a woman can always change her man for the better.

Heartthrob Liam Page (Alex Roe) can get any woman he wants. He has a lean, muscular torso, a perpetual 3-day stubble, deep blue-green eyes, long lashes, and he's a country music superstar. He's a welcome sight for almost anyone, but not for the folk of his hometown - especially his former sweetheart Josie (Jessica Rothe), whom he left at the altar.

After an 8-year absence from his friends, his family and his father, the local head of the church, Pastor Brian (John Benjamin Hickey), Liam returns to St. Augustine to find a big surprise: A daughter he didn't know he had, Billy (Abby Ryder Fortson).

While attempting to get to know his child, Liam learns the importance of home and hearth. If the love a good woman can save a man, this singer's precocious 7-year-old has plenty of love to spare. Whereas most parents struggle with the day-to-day difficulties of raising a child, the adorable little Billy just keep displaying new and more prodigious talents.

Romance novelist Heidi McLaughlin (whose prolific paperbacks feature glossy covers decorated with shirtless men) dampens down the eroticism in "Forever My Girl," the first book in her Beaumont Series, focusing instead on things like small town sweethearts, high school football heroes, and church-centered communities. Writer and director Bethany Ashton Wolf produces her most popular feature film to date.

Shot in Georgia, the beautiful location scenery is always nice to look at, and this movie is packed with original country western songs from some hit artists. The soundtrack does a lot to carry the film. (Watch for a cameo from Travis Tritt.)

The Blu-ray disc also includes a photo gallery.

"Forever My Girl"
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