by Ken Tasho

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday October 27, 2015


Just when will man-boy Adam Sandler grow up? I hope never and with his recent "Pixels" movie, he's stuck in the 1980's again.

Now out on Blu-ray, "Pixels" works in some ways and falls flat on its face in many other ways. It's definitely a visual treat to witness classic arcade games come to life in vivid high-definition...the film's original presentation in 3D is apparent on the Blu-ray. It's also a kick to see old 80s music stars and pop culture figures mixed into the inane plot of an invasion on the United States.

What doesn't work? Jokes fall flat numerous times, Kevin James as the President of the United States, and too many to mention misogynistic digs and quips.

But Sony's new Blu-ray will delight those wanting a mindless trip down memory lane and if you can shut out the negative aspects of the film, "Pixels" warrants a purchase or rental.

Included as special features on the Blu-ray are examinations of most of the game-oriented special effects sequences ("Pac-Man," "Donkey Kong," "Centipede," "Galaga"), which shows behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with director Chris Columbus. They're brief and whiz by quickly but at least you'll gain some knowledge of how involved some of the scenes were to create.

"Creator of the Machine" shows the Pac-Man game creator on-set, who also has a small cameo in "Pixels."

"The Space Invader" interviews a contest winner who won a walk-on role in "Pixels."

Also on hand is a fairly decent music video for "Game On" and a look at how the classic arcade character of "Q-Bert" was created.






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