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Group Beats & Robs Seattle Teen, Texts Mother 'I'm Gay'

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Tuesday October 14, 2014

Officials from the Seattle Police Department say a group of robbers beat up a 16-year-old boy and stole his phone last week before texting "I'm gay" to his mother on the stolen phone, ABC-affiliated TV station KATU reports.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on Oct. 7 around 4 p.m. when the unidentified teen was waiting for the bus. They say he dropped his phone and backpack when trying to defend himself from the group.

The police report says that the attackers walked off when someone yelled at them to stop fighting.

The group took his phone and backpack and when he got home his mother told him she got a text from his stolen phone that said "I'm gay you know that."

The teen told police that one of the attackers was a former classmate, but he could not identify the rest of the assaulters. He did say, however, that the group was made up of four men.

The teen was relatively uninjured besides a cut on his face and a hurt tooth.

The suspect, who the teen knew, is around the same age as the victim (16) and Hispanic, about 5-feet-8-inches tall with a medium build, short black hair and a lip ring.