Holy Motors

by Jake Mulligan

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday February 28, 2013

Holy Motors

When I reviewed "Holy Motors" six months ago, I asked: what the hell is this? I still don't know. This Blu-ray package does its best to explain some things, but the honest truth is that 'understanding' "Holy Motors" is pretty unnecessary. In fact, it may be detrimental to the experience.

Following Monsieur Oscar (the acrobatic Denis Levant) in his stretch limo as he travels from location-to-location, giving acting performances to audiences we never see (I told you it was strange,) director Leos Carax's latest work is simultaneously haunting and deliriously exuberant.

The disc offers extras that give insight into the product, but again, I think the word 'understanding' might be overstating it even after the hoursworth of 'explanations.' First off is a 15-minute interview with Kylie Minogue, who gives an extended cameo near the end of the film. She spends the vast majority of her interview time talking about how completely flummoxed she was by the script.

Then there's a 45-minute making-of - much more in-depth than the likes of your average 'Made for HBO' featurette - that contains interviews with much of the cast and crew. They all give their opinions and interpretations, but none feel as though they have the right to speak definitively.

You can compare "Motors" to the works of David Lynch or Jean-Luc Godard, but you'd be doing it a complete disservice. Leos Carax is a complete original, and his latest deserves the same moniker. You can't hope to explain or understand "Holy Motors." You can only watch it.

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