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The Menopausal Mermaid

by Clinton Campbell
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Feb 8, 2018
Blake Siskavich in "The Menopausal Mermaid" at Club Cafe.
Blake Siskavich in "The Menopausal Mermaid" at Club Cafe.  

Oh, sweet Ariel. You wanted to be part of our world and made us want to be part of yours. You caught the imagination of a generation of women and gay men who dreamed of not just belonging but getting a fabulous life in the process. "The Little Mermaid" made you an international star. If only things had turned out better for you.

Many years later, in Michael Gaucher's "The Menopausal Mermaid" currently playing at Club Café, Ariel finally gets to have her say without Uncle Walt looming in the background.

This confessional one-woman show is part boozy Elaine Stritch and part meltdown Britney - a bitter middle-aged star (Blake Siskavich) supported by a trio of scantily clad male dancers (Joshua Rubenstein, Paxton Crystal, and Brian Washburn).

While not nearly as campy as one might expect - there are still plenty of laughs - the show's overall effect turns out to be rather touching.

Siskavich as Ariel shines the most during her musical numbers. Obviously an accomplished singer, he sounds outstanding on everything from Broadway ("Bring On The Men") to Disco ("I Will Survive").

The technical aspects are still a bit rough around the edges. And there are definite glitches in both the lighting and sound, but it's still an entertaining evening. Lovers of the movie will certainly find this a great opportunity to reconnect with Ariel.

"The Menopausal Mermaid" continues at Club Café, 209 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA on the following dates: Saturday, February 10; Sunday, February 11; Sunday, February 25; Saturday, March 3, Sunday, March 4; Friday, March 9; Saturday, Mach 10; Saturday, March 17; Sunday, March 18; Friday, March 23; and Sunday, March 25. For tickets and more information, visit the Club Café website.


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